X-Men: First Class Movie to Arrive June, 2011 directed by Matthew Vaughn

X-Men First ClassIf anyone was ever curious as to iFanboy's influence on the entertainment community, it can now be confirmed.  After my review of Kick-Ass, published in March of 2010, where I sing the praises of Matthew Vaughn, and said:

"One of the biggest things I took away from this movie was that I really wish Matthew Vaughn had directed the X-Men movie as originally planned.  Maybe he wasn't ready at that time, but KICK-ASS is evidence that he can make a really good superhero movie. "

Well, Variety is reporting that not only is Matthew Vaughn directing the X-Men: First Class movie, but it will be released in theaters on June 3, 2011.  s in, NEXT YEAR.

I think I just let out a giggle that the person in the cubicle next to me heard, and now she thinks I'm weird.  Well, weirder than she already thought I am, but I digress.

I don't think we could ask for anything better.  This is even better than the previous reports of Bryan Singer directing the movie, which were then scuttled as his schedule did not accomodate the fast tracking of the movie by Fox.

Who says Hollywood doesn't make good decisions?  I can't wait to see this movie now!


  1. I knew since the opening of ‘layer cake’ he wouldve made an awesome x-men movie.

  2. This would only be better if it were in the actual 616 movie-verse.  I’d love some X-Men in my Avengers.

  3. If this happens that will be really cool. Hope he sticks around this time, with him and Singer as producer, I think we’re going to get one hell of a movie. 

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like it. 

  5. Has it already started shooting? That’s an EXTREMELY fast turnaround!

  6. Right after I saw kick-ass, I said to my buddy "Wow, this really makes me wish Vaughn directed X3, he would be a perfect fit for an X-men movie." Thank you Fox for making a smart move. I had little to no interest in this movie before but now Im going to see it the day it comes out. 

  7. As good as this sounds I have some reservations. Next year? Is there a script? Since we’ve already seen Angel in an X-Movie how are they going to get him in this one? You know that Fox will insist on Wolverine being shoe horned into this somehow. Kick-Ass was good, but Vaughn had no studio interference since he paid for almost the whole thing himself.

    I really want this to be good, but I’d rather Marvel somehow get the rights back to all of their properties and make these movies themselves.


  8. Does not bode well for a Kick Ass sequel (which needs to happen quick because of Chloe Moretz).

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Does Kick-Ass even have the bank to warrant a sequel? I genuinely have no idea. Haven’t been watching the numbers. 

  10. @Paul: Well Vaghn made the movie with his own money with some bakers, and they made it back. It made it’s budget back over here, not counting how it did in England, which is quite well. So they don’t need a studio to greenlight a sequel. Vaghn just needs to decide if he and his backers are up to make another one.

  11. Kick Ass did well vs. it’s production budget (it will well over double it) but not so well for Lionsgate who bought it for probably what it will end up making domestically. So basically, Vaughn and his gang made off good, and Lionsgate will profit but not by much even after DVD sales. 

    If Lionsgate doesn’t have distribution rights to a sequel then I see Kick Ass 2 being possible. 

  12. This has me really excited for another X-Men movie. Hopefully this will get the bad taste of X3 out of my  mouth.

  13. Exciting, but that date seems way too soon.

  14. YESSSS!

  15. For us X-virgins, what’s first class?

  16. It’s the first class. you know of the x-men

  17. Awesome.  This is waaay better than Singer (never was a big fan of his X movies, though they are the best so far).

  18. @jj It’s the original team.  Hank, Warren, Jean, Scott, and Bobby.  That’s in case edwards descriptive description wasn’t enough. 

    This is really cool b-c the story will not be centered around Logan.  Hopefully its a brand new cast as well.

  19. I am sure Vaughn is capable, but some of the details I’ve heard about the direction in which they want to take this film leave me unenthusiastic.  For instance, they want Magneto as the villian for the fourth time.  I don’t know whether the studio understands that the original group of X-Men had their comic cancelled.  The X-Men did not become the industry’s best selling comic until Chris Claremont introduced the "all new, all different X-Men." I think most fans are familiar with, and expecting X-characters and stories from the Claremont era forward. 

  20. Great News!

    So…Next year we will have:

    1) Thor

    2) X-Men: First Class

    3) Green Lantern

    4) Captain America: The First Avenger

     Thats alot of Big Name Heroes in a single summer. Am I forgetting something?  It feels like I am.

    While, this is great for all of us, but I am becoming more and more afraid of a general public backlash towards superhero movies. 

  21. I feel like the lantern rings on every finger might have something to do with how weird she thinks ya are

  22. Cubicle?  Do you guys still have real jobs?  What the hey?

  23. Definitely a big summer, and then the next year its Avengers, Spiderman, Batman 3, and Star Trek 2

     Ok, so I dont think its been confirmed if this is going to be a prequel or a reboot.  If its a reboot im game, and they can do it with the orginal 5, but if this is a prequel we have major problems.

    1. Wolverine made absolutely no sense, and this is even more likely to make no sense.  So Wolvie saved a bunch of mutant kids from this prison place run by Stryker (including young Cyclops, Storm may have been there?) and then Prof X picks them all up.  Cyclops of course never mentions, oh hey this is the wolverine guy who saved us from Stryker, or oh hey that Stryker guy we were in his prison compound as younglings.  Oh and Sabertooth is back, remember when he chased me through my highschool, oh man he looks like a professional wrestler now!

    2.  So Xavier has a bunch of mutants that are his first class, but he has to end up with only Storm Jean and Scott for the first one to make sense.  So we can shoe in a few other mutants we haven’t seen yet in the series, because you know they will have to do that. 

    3, Any villian they battle or event that takes place can of course never be mentioned again.  No "Clone Wars" here folks.

    Other then that I’m really excited

  24. After further research it appears this is not a reboot, and that the guy writing/wrote it is behind the classic "Street Kings"

  25. Good news, I guess. I just hope they don’t make this movie too "kiddy". Actually–I know they need to hit a younger audience–but I just hope they do it in a way that doesn’t smack of trendiness. They need to speak naturally and somewhat timelessly (i.e. somewhat intelligently), not speak the way 40-year-olds think teenagers in 2011 should talk.

  26. @ludusmaximus you forgot the new Supes movie for 2012….. Or am I the only person actually excited about that? 

     I’m looking forward to Vaughn’s X-movie, I’m really not sure how this is going to fly though if it isn’t a reboot.  

  27. @webhead They’re the only ones so far

  28. Bah. While I can’t imagine Vaughn going with Fox without some assurance of creative leeway, I can’t imagine Tom Rothman getting that lose-handed with the reigns. We shall see though.

    Despite my optimism for the project, I still really wish Vaughn was doing Thor.

  29. It sounds like they’re keeping Bryan Singer on as executive producer, so I assume they’ll be following his plans for the film. I’ve read he wanted to make it a genuine prequel about the forming of the school, and it would be more about the dissolution of the friendship between Magneto and Professor X.

    Personally, I like this idea more than a reboot or tween-friendly popcorn flick.

  30. @NawidA – Considering the way that Kick Ass was developed simultaneously as a comic and a movie, I could see Millar aging Hit Girl in the comic to fit Chloe Moretz. I think an older Hit Girl would be cool anyway.

  31. From what I understand, this is not an adaptation of the ‘X-Men First Class’ comic.  That’s just the name they slapped on it for some reason.  It looks like they’re going to play it as a prequel to the movies they’ve already made, which does not fill me with enthusiasm.  

  32. @ohcaroline no. not in the least bit enthused if that’s the case

  33. I never cared for the first class, I really only like the X-Men post Giant Sized #1.  Probably explains why the First Class comic series never really grabbed me, or the original X-factor for that matter.  That being said, I never cared for Iron Man, but thought that the movie was maybe in the top three super hero movies ever made. 

  34. This movie isn’t going to be about the First Class from the comics, sadly. It’s still set firmly in the Fox movie universe. It going to be about the first class from the films.

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So it’s Scott, Jean…..and…..who….everyone else joins up in the course of the trilogy, right?

  36. So this won’t feature Wolverine prominently?  I’m afraid that will significantly hamper its box office potential.  Hardcore X-men fans will still see it (I assume), but most casual fans of the X-men films seem to really be fans of Wolverine. They just tolerate the rest of the crew.

  37. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Paul – Storm, I believe. Maybe Emma, as she was in the Wolverine movie. Looks like it’s gonna be Scott and a bunch of ladies. Just how he likes it.

  38. @Paul  If it’s in the spirit of the first movie, the focus might be more on Xavier and Magneto?  Could be interesting but, like the Wolverine movie, it’s hampered by the ending being a foregone conclusion.

  39. @Paul: Scott, Jean, Storm, probably Emma, and any other member who they can have leave the team before the events of the first film.

    @stuclach: I have no doubt they will try to find a way to stick Wolverine in there somehow.

  40. Jamie Moss is the screenwriter

    he was in the Fugitive tv series 

  41. *clap clap clap*… *yawwwwn*

    Where’s the post for the announcement of the release date for Batman 3??

  42. @Conor – Probably.  He’ll just pop in during the credits to call Scott a "dick" and then ride off on a motorcycle in the angstiest fashion possible.

  43. @stuclach-But the burning question is, Will Wolvie have the jacket??

    I would watch an entire movie that centers around what that jacket has witnessed.

  44. @MisterJ – X-Men 4: From the Jacket’s Point of View

  45. SOLD!