Word Balloon Podcast The Bendis Tapes May 2010 Edition Part 2

Welcome to part two of Word Ballon's Q&A with Brian Michael Bendis.  All questions come from YOUR questions as posted on the Jinxworld Message Board . You'll learn more about his current runs on the Avengers books, Ultimate Spider-Man, and his 2 current creator owned series Scarlett and Powers. Plus plenty of pop culture talk.

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  1. Gah! You guys stopped two posts before my questions! Ah well, awesome stuff as always.

  2. we’ll get tp it, don’t worry.

  3. this show really is fantastic, I went back and grabbed a ton of old episodes…  thanks iFanboy and WordBalloon!

  4. @Wordballoon: Oh, I know you will. I was basically just taking the piss. I know how time consuming these things must be for you and Bendis, all the more reason why I appreciate it so much.

  5. Another podcast which is a Home Run!!!  I tried to listen on the word ballon site at first,but it didn’t work, and luckly I saw it posted on this site. Great Interview!!

  6. Thanks again for hosting this, to iFanboy & to Word Balloon, and thanks again to BMB for another couple of revealing hours of his time. btw, can’t wait to see Stephen Strange, Kung-Fu Master of the Mystic Martial Arts. Cheers.

  7. You conduct a great podcast/interview. I also like how you remain positive throughout. (Something I also like about the iFanboy podcasts as well.) I’m looking forward to the next Bendis Tapes and I will go to iTunes and subscribe to your podcast. Thanks!