Word Balloon Podcast – Ethan Van Sciver Panel Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

From last weekend’s Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, I moderated this panel with DC artist Ethan Van Sciver. In addition to words about his early art beginnings, we looked back at his original creation Cyberfrog, creating new villains for The Flash and Green Lantern, his transformation of Sinestro into the modern threat he represents to current DC continuity, and discussed his future plans, which include some writing, such as a new story in October’s Untold Tales Of The Blackest Night. In addition Ethan arranged for a baby grand piano for the room, and performed several of his original songs about Wolverine, Star Trek, The BP Oil disaster, and a post nuclear war future. By the way, in the center of the photo, that's the controversial ex-governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich, flanked by Ethan and his pal Gil.



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  1. Awesome, thanks as always, John.

  2. i felt like johnny carson, having liberace on his show.