Fill up your bottle of water for a second time and sit, for the thirteenth time, at your desk to write your article which needs to be posted in 14 hours. Type the following:

What if you went to a convention and were planning to write about said convention and then, when you sat down to write about it, you realized you had nothing to talk about? Well, I am experiencing that right now.

Pause for about 10 seconds, gather thoughts, remember idea for previous article, release breath, sniff that smell near your desk that smells like toast and wonder if something around you is on fire. Look up and decide that’s what they make fire detectors for. Visualize hanging out at Isotope on Saturday night, remember to take a picture of that very cool 100 Bullets glass you bought at the party, remember to tell readers to wash their “HURM” shirts inside out.

By the way, if you got a HURM t-shirt, I suggest you wash them inside out to maintain the awesomeness of the yellow band. And wash it in cold.

That being done, remember seeing Joe Casey at the airport and write that first sentence.

Here’s to you, comic book people.

Change annoying song that’s playing on iTunes and put something more mellow so you get going on this article. No, that song blows, too. Get some new music dude! No not now, later. Continue writing.

So, although I went to WonderCon this weekend, I must admit to you, I have no news to report from the event.

Spin the fact that you didn’t do jack at this thing.

But in a way, isn’t no news kind of good news? Like, what did you want? Final Crisis: Crisis of Finality? Overt Invasion?

What is that smell?

Now, I know, I was only at the con proper for a day and a half, but here’s the deal: the con was really, really small this year. Like, the show floor was mostly empty, devoid of booths and of people. I walked the whole show in about 10 minutes on Friday, that was how small and not crowded it was (by comparison, it takes 10 minutes to get around one of the t-shirt stands in San Diego). Saturday there were a lot more people, but all total, the amount of people wouldn’t have filled the biggest hall in San Diego, not even close. DC’s booth was smaller than my living room (my living room is not big) and I am not sure if Marvel even had one, unless it was one of the bathrooms. So, from a full-on convention experience point of view it was kind of lame. (See picture of floor hall, below):



Danger! Get back to the point of the article! Pull up! Alert!

But it really did not matter. WonderCon, especially if you are one of the iFanbase, is a great way to experience what really makes comics great–the community of readers, writers and artists that keeps us all coming back for more.

Reread that last sentence. Kind of makes sense. “Coming back for more?” You can’t do better than that? Nevermind, keep going, don’t think about it too much! You need to talk about how cool Dave Johnson was!

As you know (here and here), Ron, Josh and Conor teamed up with James Sime and the rest of the Isotope crew to deliver to great events that were way more fun than the convention itself. It started with the world famous Isotope Tiki Bar Tour, which I have heard about for years but never been able to partake in, which was a blast.


It was a real pleasure to meet Darick Robertson, whose art has been discussed many times at iFanboy. He was super cool, very down to earth and hung out through the whole Tiki Tour (we made it to four bars). I had a nice discussion with him about his excellent issue of 52, when Elongated Man died.

Point of article!

And that brings me to what I enjoy most about these kinds meetups — you get a real sense, that, at the end of the day, everyone who is involved with comics, reader or creator, publisher or reseller… we just love this stuff. We love reading comics and, next to that, love talking about comics with other people who love reading comics. I always get a kick out how how the creators discuss the characters, the reverence they show to them, that really is touching, in a way.

Real point, dude! Stop screwing this up — get another picture, would you?!

But what comes across, even more than getting a chance to talk to creators that you respect and get all nervous around (at first, more on that later) is getting a chance to really hang out with other readers (even better when they are part of the iFanbase). A lot of time, honesty, I don’t get a chance to talk about comics with anyone, so these opportunities are a great way to share ideas and opinions without getting that, “Oh, really, wow… that’s very cool, I am leaving this conversation now, never talk to me again, please,” response. I like how comic book readers, for the most part are more than excited to suggest a book or artist or story that you simply had to read. That happened on Saturday night during the 100 Bullets party, when I was talking about how much I enjoyed Dave Johnson’s work (there were a bunch of his 100 Bullets covers displayed in the store and they were freaking awesome), and I remarked how awesome it would be to see Johnson do interiors and Conor looked at me all crazy-eyed and said, “You’ve never read Superman: Red Sun?! and I remarked I hadn’t and everyone around me was like, “Dude, you MUST READ THAT BOOK!!” and I went and bought it and then asked Johnson to sign it. Of course, he signed the outside of it and I spent about an hour polling people to see if I should go back and ask him to sign the inside of it so the signature wouldn’t rub off, but I eventually just dropped it. Although he was being super rad and just doing sketches for basically anyone who was willing to wait, I just really didn’t want to bother him. I know, lame, but he was drawing all night and I already had a signature and I just didn’t feel like bugging him though I knew it wouldn’t really be bugging him but then… well, whatever.

You’ve covered the main idea, about comic book fans being helpful and friendly and mentioned Dave Johnson now write about something else!

What? What is it? Why are you pausing??

This was the first time where I didn’t really go to any of the panels during the convention proper. (I was talking to the iFanboys and they remarked that they are usually so busy during the cons that they never go to the panels in the first place.) But it was okay — it didn’t seem like a lot was going on, probably because New York was just two weeks earlier. I guess New York is going to happen next October, closing out instead of opening the convention season, which makes a lot more sense. Having two large conventions within two weeks just makes no sense, or, at least, ensures that they will stay regional (which is not bad, I guess). Oh, sure there were the people in costume and I guess there was a cool Watchmen panel and screening, but, the con just felt tired… or maybe that was just me. I mean, I was definitely tired and, okay wretchedly hungover, but…

You are distracted. Take deep breath.

Another thing I thought about on my flight home is just how far iFanboy has come. Years ago, my wife Whit and I met up with the iFanboy crew at San Diego and, well, let’s just say the meetup was..intimate. (Not that way, disgusto!) Now an iFanboy meetup, especially combined with the IsotopeFactorâ„¢, is just a madhouse — but the best kind of madhouse, surrounded by people whom you’ve talk to on the forums, laughed with in the comments, argued with over various books, all in the name of comics. It’s not an easy thing to do, create a community, let alone one that is entertaining and long lasting and Ron, Josh (to your right, click the pic to see Sam and Ryan), and Conor are to be congratulated on their efforts to keep this thing running (with the help of you the readers and members, of course).

Hmm. Okay, that’s a wrap. Admit you are disoriented blame that toast smell or, yeah, say that you realize you haven’t picked up your books in two weeks and are a bit out of it and close this out! Crap! You forgot to mention Joe Casey!

It’s been a crazy weekend and I haven’t been able to get my books for a few weeks (which is kind of nice, I am actually all caught up on my stack!!), so I apologize for this being kind of all over the place. Great to meet so many of this weekend and I hope we can all hang out again in San Diego. We’ll talk about some books in the weeks to come, including Starman and Superman: Red Sun. Have a great week!

Joe Casey!!


Mike Romo is an actor living in LA and apologizes for not wearing a bandaid over his thumb this weekend. He can be electronically mailed at mike@ifanboy.com. Facebook this, Twitter that.



  1. I will take one "Overt Invasion", please.  I didn’t get to attend the event at the Isotope lounge, but I would guess that "Overt Invasion" could be how the iFanboy turnout would be discribed (what with their affiliation plastered all over their shirts and all).

    I look forward to the Superman: Red Son discussion.  My brother is working on his Master’s Degree in History and that is his favorite "alternate history" story.  He loves it.

  2. I missed the Tiki Tour and Isotope…damn wife (kidding kidding, I love my wife!)

    I concur, it was a mostly tame con.  Sure, Saturday had more people, but the panels were mostly dull and just lacking energy.  Except for, of course, the iFanboy and I Read Comics panel!!!

    P.S.  Apparently, ain’t no party like an Isotope/iFanboy party cuz an Isotope/iFanboy party don’t stop

  3. Wow. I’ve never gazed into Josh’s eyes like that before. I…can’t…look…away… And I think I hear The Beatles…

  4. That 100 Bullets glass is flippin’ awesome.  So jealous of those that got them.

  5. The con was quite relaxing actually (well, relaxing relative to San Diego).  Even on Saturday, I didn’t need to elbow people out of my way to get around.  Marvel didn’t have a booth which was odd.  I was hanging out at Alex Robinson’s booth, and he thinks that since Watchmen is coming out, Marvel didn’t want to compete.  Then again, DC did have a small booth with very few signings.  From what I gathered, I think Capcom had the most people hanging out at their booth.  Street Fighter 4 and all.

    The Alex Robinson panel was great by the way.  Bought a HURM shirt from Ron (which unfortunately I didn’t wash inside out).  Got candy from Josh for asking a question (thanks Josh!).  Good times all around.

  6. This looks like my warm up pages for creative writting class.

  7. Wondercon has been slipping in years and I bet its gone in a couple more.  It has already been moved from the larger part of Moscone center to the smaller part (about 2 years ago) and this year they even used the smaller Mezzanine Room instead of the larger convention halls for the "highlight" events.  Whats even worse is that it is losing the comic book draw and focusing more on StarWars and "Furries."  We counted at least two "furry" suit booths, and one, yes one, was an erotic suit booth.  One thing that I did not notice this year – a CGC booth.  Its a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but it says something about the deterioratio of the show.

  8. @WadebeforeSlade

    There was a CGC booth.  Oh and I didn’t know that they moved the con to a smaller room.  Hopefully Wondercon sticks around; I like smaller cons much better.

  9. Did we go to the same con? Cause that place was crowded as hell. I could not move in Artists Alley at all (I went Saturday). It was absolutely ridiculous. Panels were pretty empty though (cept the movie ones). They need to up the size for next year. 

  10. @miyamotofreak: Friday and Sunday were a ghost town, and while Saturday had its bad moments and bad spots, overall it wasn’t all that crowded compared to New York or San Diego.

  11. @paulieP:  Oh well, CGC invades again.  Yeah, they had the key events in the real big hall last year which has multiple monitors for the room to see what is going on onstage, and you could come and go as you pleased.  This year they stuck in that smaller mezzanine room (probably about 1/3 size) and they were lilmiting the number of people that could go in and out.  All in all it was smaller and had less stuff all around.  I think the furry thing is what angers me the most, a grown man walking around wearing in wolf leggings, a tail and wolf mask is not for public consumption.

  12. @WadebeforeSlade-ahaha, you prude!!  Its a comic book convention in SF, there is bound to be some furry action.  Show the iFanfurries some love 😛

  13. I waited too long to read this! I’ve missed the discussion! And there was even a picture of me! NOooooooooooooo….

    Oh well, great article (per usual) Mike.