WonderCon 2011: Invincible Gets a New Look in 2012

This is what Image sent us.

He's black. That's the difference.

We've checked with series writer, Robert Kirkman, and he says this is real. It is not a hoax.


  1. Hhhhhmmmm. Okay.

  2. Is Neal Adams on the book now?

  3. Uh… better be something happening causes there’s only one black dude in the book at all. And he’s a B list hero.

  4. @zombox  No there’s two! Black Samspon and Bulletproof! Plus Kabooberang joined in Guarding the Globe and there is Bolt from Capes Inc. Plus other minor characters but there are more than one!

  5. Oh Bendis is going to take over and it’s Luke Cage right?

  6. it’s still april 1st guys

  7. It’s about damn time!

  8. This is Mark’s recently discovered brother form another mother that his father had an affair with!!

  9. The veracity of this on this particular day aside, are there even black Viltrumites? Not trying to be racist, but I’m not sure if we’ve seen one.

  10. Are you just getting sleepy now, Josh? Earlier in the day the write-up had more confidence. 🙂

  11. Here’s the storyline:

    Invincible gets injuried, like REALLY badly. But before he does he befriends a new person at school who so happens to be a Vultrimite. The kid then dons the outfit and hence the NEW Invincible.

    One of possible things that could happen. 

  12. @VichusSmith  Brevity can be a virtue.

  13. Well, at least the knee pads and fingerless gloves are back.

  14. Now he’ll never go back.

  15. @zombox as SuicidalKangarooz said, there are multiple black heroes, but the one that would make the most sense to take Mark’s place would be Bulletproof because he is simply a black version of the original Invivncible design. Check out the back of the…first trade I think where Kirkman says that the name BUlletproof and the orange and yellow costume were what they were initially going with before they swapped blue for yellow and Invincible for Bulletproof. It would make a sort of sense that his costume would evolve to the first design after the name Invincible was chosen.

    @neums Yes, there are black Viltrumites. Check out some of the Viltrumites from the recent Viltrumite War.

    Of course, the most logical conclusion is that it is simply a Mark from another universe, like the ones Angstrom Levy brought over in the Invincible War. You have to figure that those were just the evil ones and that there were an almost inifinite number of good alternate Invincibles that he didn’t bring over.

  16. Wait- what’s the difference?

  17. I’m a little behind in the trades, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal that he dropped the blue and black costume to go back to original.  I kind of assumed it would happen.

  18. I’m all for a Black Invincible-, but ONLY if it’s permanent!

  19. is there a difference, yeah? because i can’t tell, I’m colour blind, yeah. I guess that’s why i named my dog nelson. as in Mandela, yeah.

  20. @AlanMooresBeard  That comment had me laughing out loud. Also, I have a fake band named “Alan Moore’s Beard.”

    Following the tradition that almost all Black super-heros have to have the word “Black” in their name, will he now be known as “Black Invincible?” Or perhaps “Invinciblack?”

  21. Marcus “Matchstick” Grayson grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, taking on low level hustling jobs to support his single mother. After a job with his renegade best friend/cousin ends up landing him in jail, fomer marine Marcus is convinced by a scar faced suit from the government to volunter for a process that will splice alien DNA with his own in order to better provide for his family… and his community. After the risky procedure proves successful, guidance counciler Marcus Grayson begins patroling the streets on his alien tech fueled skateboard as the non-electricity powered “Invicibolt”. He can also talk to birds.

  22. If it is an existing character it’s gotta be bulletproof because black samson is bigger than that, plus he’s bald.  Should be interesting.

  23. my guess is that this is one of the alternate universe Marks that survived the Invincible War