WonderCon 2011: Heroes Reunite for Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Series on G4

In July 2011, you'll be able to watch even more Marvel in motion, as they debut two new anime series, Iron Man and Wolverine, and in from the ashes of Heroes, the main voice actors will sound familiar. Adrian Pasdar, who you'll remember as Nathan Petrelli will voice Tony Stark, and his former TV brother Milo Ventimiglia will lend his vocals to Logan. Savvy readers will recall that that Marvel's Head of Television, Jeph Loeb, who made the announcement, was a writer on Heroes, where he likely formed a relationship with the actors, resulting in this fan friendly geek feedback loop we're looking at now.

Later in the year, we'll also see anime versions of Blade and the X-Men on G4 as well. If Stephen Tobolowski and Ali Larter are cast in those, we'll know something's up.


  1. Well, that’s one, “Well, of COURSE” and one “Yeahbuhwah?”

  2. That one dude does NOT have a Wolveriney voice, at all.

  3. who are these people exactly?

  4. What’s his face from Gilmore Girls seems like an odd choice.  We shall see…

  5. I guess this is the closest thing to having Heroes back, aw well. I was such a fan of that show. Pasdar might do well with Stark, but I am also skeptical with choosing Milo for Logan. Aw well, let’s see what happens.

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is the samurai version of Wolverine, yes? Milo would be an odd choice for the normal Logan, but this is a very different character. Might be a decent fit. 

  7. You guys do KNOW that there are voice actors and actors who do things for animated movies and shows, that if you didnt know it was them you would have no idea right? Some change their voice and dont sound like how they sound in interviews and etc.

  8. Apparently some of us need to take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acting

  9. Paul is correct. Check out what this Wolverine looks like:


    I think it works. Lame voice for a lame looking Wolverine.

    And @flakbait. I get what you were trying to say. But you couldn’t have picked a worse actor to try to make that point with. Ventimiglia was pretty damn terrible on Heroes.

  10. @flakbait  And apparently you need to watch Heroes or Rocky Balboa, or (literally) anything else that Ventimiglia was in.

    Or maybe you need to send that link to Ventimiglia…

  11. @j206  wtf? that is supposed to be Wolverine?

  12. Cool. I’m all for people getting paid for work. No whining fo you!

  13. @j206 
    That is Wolverine’s appearance in the animation test that was poorly recieved last year, and because of the poor reception, they changed it.
    In the actual anime he looks nothing like that, he looks like actual Wolverine.

  14. @edward  Stars of the show ‘Heroes’