Winick At It Again! HIV+ Character in ‘Green Arrow’

I was just thinking about how Judd Winick hadn’t been stirring up any controversy lately. And then I got the newest issue of Green Arrow, where Mia, the future Speedy, revealed that she tested positive for HIV.

We can always count on Judd to bring real world issues into his writing. First a gay-bashing in Green Lantern and now an HIV+ character in Green Arrow.

I for one, am curious what the Green Arrow has to say about this in his weblog.


  1. I knew you’d have a problem with this.

  2. He just can’t leave well enough alone! It’s amazing – just write a goddamn super hero comic ok?

  3. If I had the mass media at my hands, I’d try to offhandedly educate people at every step of the way. And I think the one thing we can agree on is that superhero comic readers are in need of some education.

    I think the point that Winick may be trying to make is that whether or not you want to deal with this, even in entertainment, you have to, because it’s a part of life. The fact is, the more accepting of that fact you are, the less you’ll even notice it in a story, comic or otherwise.

    I’m so sick of the “I just want my entertainment” argument. Tough shit, you live in the world, deal with it. You have the option of not buying the comic, but when you do buy it, you’re just enabling Judd to keep doing what he does.

    I’m glad for it.

  4. And I knew you’d have that reaction to Ron’s reaction. It’s like Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala!

  5. Unfortunately, they’re both pricks.

    Wait, that means…

  6. I’m James Carville!

    (‘Cuz I agree with Josh and we both have shaved mellons)

  7. And that would make Bob Novak who?



  8. Shhh… don’t say his name again.

  9. Ow, my hip!

    Yet he still breathes.

  10. It’s like the Candyman.