Win Superman: Doomsday on iTunes!

Superman: Doomsday has been released on iTunes, now with EXTRAS.

The first of the original DCU animation productions, it's definitely worth a look.  You can even listen to our Special Edition podcast, from back when it was released on DVD. With Adam Baldwin as Superman and James Marsters as Lex Luthor, there's a whole lot of punching.

Warner Bros. will be giving one of our members a free download on iTunes for movie with extras. That winner will be chosen randomly from our members, and announced in the next couple of weeks.

Go here to download Superman: Doomsday.


  1. Crossing my fingers. I’ve seen this one but don’t have a copy yet.

  2. Cool.  I really didn’t know that iTunes had started adding extras to their videos.  I’ve long thought that was one of the major drawbacks to their service, that they charged too much for movies/TV shows, considering that you could get the DVD for at worst a competitive price, and still get all of the extras to boot.  Good for iTunes/Apple.

  3. This is one of the few DC Animated DVDs to be released in the EU. You should be able to pick it up for between €3 and €4 online. The features are the best thing about this DVD with a great documentary about the Death of Superman in the comics. One of the better comics-based extras I’ve ever seen.

  4. pretty good DCU flick

  5. You can get it on Amazon for $9 on Blu-Ray