Will Hollywood cause the next bust? (Another View)

Mark Millar caused a minor stir last week with his thesis on booms and busts and the effect of Hollywood in the comic book industry. This week, Steven Grant reacts to Millar’s essay, and he’s got a different view.

The cyclical theory is popular with a lot of people in comics mainly because it takes the onus off them: the fault lies not in ourselves, but in our stars. It suggests that whatever we do, our efforts are nothing to the ebb and flow of time.

Okay, now I don’t know what to believe! It’s possible that I am easily swayed right now because I just woke up and haven’t eaten anything in like 18 hours.

The following quotation certainly seems to make a lot of sense:

To put it another way: comics sales go on an upswing when their contents become interesting. They go on a downswing when their contents cease to be interesting. Rise of the new: upswing. Reassertion of the old: downswing.

But then again, Millar as economic models on his side — charts and graphs and stuff (though we never see them… hmm…).

I need food.


  1. the article was pretty convincing, as long as there’s good stuff being churned out than i’ll stick around. i came back into comics perhaps a year ago with of all books, all star batman, since then i’ve ditched miller for bvk, bendis, and brubaker, the holy trinity of comics imo. but the article definately put me in an agreeable mood…besides ever since the civil war panel at comic-con i’ve just found millar to be kinda gross, who jokes about the kkk anyway? but i’ll still buy his books.
    on a sidenote i really digged the follow up letter about the librarian, sadly my library blows in the comics dept. i stopped by last week and asked where the comic book section was, i got pointed to the children’s section where i found calvin and hobbes, peanuts, the dk super-hero encyclopedias and the fifth tpb of lucifer. yeah, go figure. they did have single issues of adjectiveless, cap america, some superman and new avengers, but trying to read a couple issues of x-men is hard enough especially when you have issues and pages missing in between.

  2. who jokes about the kkk anyway?

    Mel Brooks!