Who’s Drawing the RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE?

DC's Source Blog announced this morning that the next artist to take the reigns of Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin series will be Frazer Irving. The UK artist previously collaborated with Morrison on Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy and has since worked on books like Hellblazer, Robin, and Azrael: Death's Dark Knight. Frazer isn't just a penciller either. He'll also be inking and coloring his pages as well. 

Dig the throwback Batman look and pose. 




In addition to his tenure on Batman and Robin, Irving will also ferry Batman through the avenging puritan phase of his journey in the second issue of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Each installment will be drawn by a different artist, and the roster breaks down like so:

#1: Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong, Supreme)

#2: Frazer Irving (Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy, Robin)

#3: Yanick Paquette (Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer, Young X-Men)

#4: Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin, Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye)

#5: Ryan Sook (Seven Soldiers: Zatanna, Wednesday Comics: Kamandi)

#6: Lee Garbett (Batman, Batgirl


And here's that cover gallery once again so you can connect all the dots: 



I think I'm most looking forward to some clan of the cave-bat action from Chris Sprouse and some back alley noir from Ryan Sook in issue 5. But these all sound terrific. Godspeed, Master Bruce! 


  1. Now that’s a line-up of talent. Really looking forward to seeing some Ryan Sook interiors once again.


  2. ooh, I really like some of them fellers! I never recovered from the loss of Sook from X-Factor.

  3. @Jimski: Agreed. I don’t think the title ever recovered from that initial loss in momentum. But weren’t those an awesome 4 issues, though?


  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I really want them to add a seventh issue where he overshoots and ends up in the 31st century. Jesus Saiz art? 

  5. Sweet! Very excited about this.


    *fyi – I think the Fraser Irving, Cam Stewart, and  Lee Garbett links are not working.

  6. I can’t wait to see the Yanick Paquette issue. His Weapon X arc was good stuff.

  7. I really want to see Cameron Stewart’s cowboy batman

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @AmirCat – Thanks! Fixed. 

  9. Color me excited.

  10. Irving doing the Puritan Batman issue is an inspired decision. I only saw his work in the Klarion Seven Soldiers mini, but his dark and moody art is a perfect fit for this issue. I’m equally excited for Stewart and Sook, as they are two of my favorite artists. 

  11. Something weird about that pose in the B&R cover, but people seem to be saying its an homage, so I guess it’s intentional.

    First time I’d have read anything with Fraiser Irving, this idea to put rotating artists on Batman & Robin has exposed to a bunch of guys. Nice going DC 🙂

  12. @incredibledave: It looks like a quasi-homage to Robin’s first appearance.

  13. you know what? I just realized this has the potential to be like Cable! =(

    I RE-E-E-EEEAAALLY hope that isn’t the case.

  14. Look at those Irving designs, they are beautiful! I cannot wait for him to take over ‘Batman and Robin’ once Clarke is done. Then again Clarke is knocking it out of the park as well….

    Those artists for Return of Bruce Wayne also are damn impressive. Chris Sprouse, Irving, Stewart, Sook? Geez DC is going all out to make sure this is gonna be a gorgeous looking mini. Never really seen work by Paquette or Garbett but I am excited none the less to see their work.

    People should look out for the Azrael mini he did a while back, a really gorgeous book. Plus it’ll show what’s to come for his Batman run. 

  15. I was severely disappointed when Solomon Wayne wasn’t the puritan. But the art here is FANTASTIC!

  16. Most looking forward to Sook doing the noir detective story.  Gona be sweeeeettt.

  17. So I’ll be "that guy" – what a line-up… until Lee Garbett? wow, they couldn’t get just one more Morrison good guy in there? (sure I’d appreciate Quitely, Bond, William (JH), or Clarke, but I’d take Williams (Freddie). IMO Garbett’s got a ways to go. BUT I’m buyin’ em all.

  18. The Irving Batman and Robin image is great – unique yet iconic.  Also looking forward to Sook, as he seems incapable of doing anything longterm these days I’ll take him wherever I can get him.

  19. Awesome.  I’m really excited for this series.

  20. So, I’m sure it’s been said before, but… is Quitely never coming back to Batman & Robin?  That’s not cool. 

  21. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Crippler – He was actually scheduled to do this current arc, I believe. Hopefully he’ll be next after Irving. 

  22. @Crippler: He’s coming back for the final arc, supposedly. He’s had issues – either health or family, I can’t remember which.

  23. Well not the final arc, the final issue.

    Morrison stated it was going to be; Clark for issues #10-13, Irving for #14-15, and Quitely for #16. Then it will go into a Season Two with more stories and maybe Quitely will do the first arc of that ‘season’. At least that’s what Morrison said, who knows what will change in the next 5-6 months? 

  24. Gah sorry I did the numbering wrong.

    Clarke #10-12; Irving #13-15, and Quitely #16…..is what I meant. 

  25. Triple team answers!  Go go info-squad! 


  26. I’m disappointed that it’s not Kubert on the whole series. I was really looking forward to that.  I suppose a different artist each issue could work since each book highlights a different Bruce.  

    I really want Quitely back and B&R.  I hate the musical chairs art duties they’re doing.  I find it pretty annoying on Amazing Spider-Man as well.  Sandman was the only book where that worked, but I think the way Gaiman structured that book made it work. 

    Still bitter about not getting Kubert. 

  27. What an impressive array of artists. Fantastic. So excited. Love that Frazer Irving cover.

  28. What do you think the conversation was between Dick and Damien for that cover?

    Dick: Ok, you’re going to love this…get real close to me…I’ll wrap my cape around you and then we’ll wait for someone to jump out at. You know… double the shock."

    Damien: ……

    Dick: Just get in my cape.

  29. Seriously, all these Batmen and not one single KNIGHT?!?!?!  He’s called, The DARK KNIGHT…So…yeah…..Stupid comic book makers….

  30. Gutsville….

  31. @Preacher: Morrison had planned to do a Medieval and a Gladiator story. But early on he realized that in order to tell the story he had planned, Bruce had to be displaced in time around the future location of Gotham.

  32. I loved Paquette’s pencils on Terra Obscura, looking forward to this.