Who else is dropping THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST? Brubaker and Fraction

If you listen the the audio show you know that I wasn’t really enjoying The Immortal Iron Fist anymore. I wasn’t getting out of it what I wanted, and I was fooling myself into thinking I was because I thought I should be buying it.

Well, I suspect that now I will not be alone in dropping the book as Newsarama has reported that writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction are leaving The Immortal Iron Fist with #16 to be replaced by writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Travel Foreman.

I take no glee in this announcement, I didn’t wish the book ill will or anything (sometimes when you drop a book that’s what people perceive your intentions as being), I was more sad than anything. I really liked The Immortal Iron Fist in the beginning — in no small part to David Aja’s art, which is virtually absent at this point — but as it delved further into mysticism it just became something I wasn’t interested in.

Now I feel better knowing that there won’t be a Brubaker book that I’m not reading. Maybe I’ll stay on until the end now.


  1. and thus do I drop this book… I don’t really like Swierczynski’s work in Cable, and I never really liked the art in Foreman’s KOTR. I like Iron Fist… just not this much. Hopefully he’ll still be in New Avengers after Secret Invasion, so I can get my fix

  2. I shall be one of those dropping this book.  I really hoped that Fraction would just take on the book after Brubaker left but alas it does not happen that way.  I guess I will be picking up the Essential Iron Fist & Powerman faster then I thought.

  3. I definately feel like the book has not been drawing my attention any more.  I think it’s been in part due to the lack of David Aja’s presence.  I love the parts that he draws.  The other artists are fine, but I really like Aja’s look and style.  I’ll most likely drop the book when Brubaker and Fraction drop it.  Sorry.

  4. I may give it a one issue try, but it really has to wow me.  What I loved about Iron Fist was the sense of an overall story and direction.  Many times new teams on a book derail this and I’m afraid that will happen here.

  5. I don’t know if I’ll keep reading it. Fraction and Brubaker made the Iron Fist such a cool character with a great background and history.

    Maybe they set up a strong enough background that any good writer can run with it have tell a good story. I’ll guess I’ll give it a couple issues and see how it goes. 

  6. I dropped this book a couple of issues ago, just not interested in the stuff with Orson Randall and the Iron Fist "lore."  Also, it seemed to be too much Fraction, not enough Brubaker. But if I hadn’t dropped it then, I’d certainly be dropping it now.

    But everyone’s right, Aja’s art was great, when he was on the book full time.

  7. I really liked itat frist but now i am geting trid of this champin thing. I went Iron Fist to get out of this champin thing and get back to a fun krate fun comic.

  8. I’ll give the new team a fair shake

  9. This is disappointing.  I miss Aja’s art but kept buying the book because of the story.  I may pick up a few issues, but I foresee dropping this book.  Unlike many, I enjoyed the latest story and the lore and the history of the Iron Fists.  I REALLY dig Fraction’s work, but is he on a bad run lately?  First the Order cancelled and now this?  What happened?

  10. I’m going to give it a chance. If it brings more Misty Knight and more interaction with MU, then I’ll may stick around. I will miss Brubaker and Fraction [no doubt] and Aja too, but I think another writer could bring more to the character. Why not? I like the character and I want him and the series to succeed. Put me on the [causiously] optimistic side.

  11. @danderson – Fraction is moving on up to UNCANNY X-MEN and the new Iron Man book.

  12. Argh, This is actually the only thing I buy consistently in issues mostly because of Aja’s art.  Does anyone know what else he has worked on?  I’m definitely on board to at least give the new team a try….

  13. Ive heard really mixed things about this book. I picked up the first arc in trade and thought it was amazing. I had heard great things and the book deserved the praise it got.

    As the months went on I have been waiting for the second arc to be released in trade but have heard bad things about it. I loved the art of the first arc and fraction and brubaker really brought the character alive again with me wanting danny rand to take a more prominant role in new avengers. i will pick up the second trade but think that this could be a blow to Marvels Kung Fu master.

  14. Wow. This is one of my favorite Marvel books right now (not that I’m picking up that many). I’m sad to see them go, and am not sure I’ll stay onboard. These days I’m looking to trim my single-issue buying as much as possible, and this may be a good excuse to jump off this one.

  15. @AReed – Here’s David Aja’s work history:  http://www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=4862

  16. Sometimes, when you’re trying to make a decision, you ask for a sign and then get one. That settles that!

    Onnnn the other hand, Cable isn’t bad, and he writes that.

    I’m so weak.

    No! I’m not. I’m dropping it this time.

    Maybe one issue.

    No! Drop! Book! 

  17. I don’t have much interest in this book either way — I read the first trade and I enjoyed it, but it didn’t wow me.   On the other hand, I’d encourage folks who ARE enjoying the book not to drop it before giving the creative team a chance.  Duane Swierczynski is a talented guy, based on his prose work and I think he could write a damn good comic given the opportunity.  Cable hasn’t been great, but that’s partly because of the questionable premise that Marvel handed him; he’s at least shown himself to be a competent writer in the medium, and I think he deserves a fair shake. 

  18. I’ll see what #17 has to offer. Apparently, there is a cliffhanger in #16 that leads straight into next arc. Things don’t look good though.

  19. Weird, I swear I posted here already. I blame Monday.

    Anyway, I was a big booster of this book, so I’m definitely disappointed. However, Duane Swierczynski is a decent novelist and he appears to be a big fan of the pulp. And one of my favorite parts about this new series is how much they’ve played up the pulp angle, especially the Orson Randall stuff. 

    Can’t guarantee that I’ll keep getting it, but I’ll give it a shot. Brubaker and Fraction picked him to succeed them, so I gotta give it a shot.  


  20. I’m sad.  but I will keep on it…. just because I love me some Fist.

  21. I blame myself. I was liking the book too much.

  22. I’m gonna give it a shot. You never know.

  23. This is… surprising. I really hope that Bru picks up another book or mini!

  24. Yeah… I think I’m with Conor on this one. I’ve liked a lot of what they’ve done, but it’s been draggy… So I might ride this out till they’re off the book and then see what people think after that…

  25. Ill stick around with it.  I adore Iron Fist and the mythology behind him so ill keep reading.  Unless it’s really bad then Ill drop it.  But I already read medicore anyway, so I am filled with empty threats.

  26. kinda sad by this news — i need some kung-fu action goodness with story (of course) and current team has delivered imo.  So… I’m gonna give the next team a try.


    Anybody here has a suggestion for a good kung-fu/karate/martial arts comics books out there? Holler back! 

  27. i’m enjoying the writing; the art has been more bothersome than anything else. of course, aja is gold, and the ideal thing would be to have him get back to drawing the whole book (or at least back to the flashback-split art). dealing with other lame artists trying to mimic his style makes my face hurt.

    if aja CAN’T do the book, then they need to replace him with someone who can…and that will probably influence my decision more than the writing team. i’m willing to give a non-brubaker/fraction iron fist book a chance.

  28. whoops – didn’t see up there that a new artist is on at #16 too. i know nothing about travel foreman. is this (from his blog) intriguing, or terrible?


  29. I’ll probably drop this.  I really like the trio of Brubaker, Fraction and Aja.  I wonder if Matt Hollingworth will still be doing the coloring?  I’m a big fan of his coloring.  But it’s a shame when a favorite creative team gets replaced on a book that you’re primarily reading and enjoying strictly on the basis of their work and not a love of the character itself.  These guys gave Iron Fist new life and it’s a shame to see them depart.

  30. As devastated as I was with the news since it’s one Marvel’s best titles, and one of my favourites I like to give things a chance. If Brubaker and Fraction were any good in making the title all kinds of awesome then it deserves that.

    I would hate to see the book cancelled if it turned out to be good because readers dropped it beforehand. Bru recommends him and Swierczynski’s  Cable has garnered some good reviews so I’m hopeful.

    They should have been on the book for at least two years, the book was just too much fun. At least Travel Foreman has already done some Iron Fist on some of the earlier flashbacks in the series.


  31. I wanted to try and pick this up in trades, which has made the wait Brutal because the next one doesn’t come out till June.  Guess I’ll pick that one up and then not have to worry about waiting for the next one.

  32. I will keep getting Iron Fist because I love the character.  If the book becomes bad (like that IF mini that came out several years back) I will drop it.  I like the look of the new art and am willing to give the new writer a chance.

    I can understand dropping the book if your main interest was in the creative team.  I picked up the book because it was Iron Fist.  I stayed on the book because of the quality.

    In the past I have not allowed my love for a character to overshadow work that didn’t appeal to me.  Moon Knight is a good example.  I’ve loved that character ever since his first series, but couldn’t get into the latest series and stopped buying after four issues.  Likewise, I won’t be picking up the new Killraven series, even though I have just about every appearance of the character up to now.

  33. I’ll give the new team a try, and I’ll definitely finish out what Bru and Fraction have going on.  I’ve been enjoying the series, and I think it will play much better in a one sitting kind of read.  I’m unaffected by this news as I feel Bru and Fraction have meandered away from what their original ideas were.  Maybe this will be the fresh start that it will need to be better.

  34. I usually don’t buy something primarily for the art, but Aja’s art won me over. I’ll stick around through 16 and then probably drop. Maybe pick up an issue after that.

    So disappointing. I feel like I got too like Aja and Brubaker and way more Fraction than I needed. 

  35. that is supposed to say:

    "I feel like I got too LITTLE Aja and Brubaker and way more Fraction than I needed."

  36. I thought the whole Seven capital cities fighting championship thing was gonna be cool… but then there wasn’t any fighting. Maybe like 3 fights.

    I definitely agree that the loss of Aja’s art really let me down, but knowing that Brubaker and Fraction will be leaving at a specific time I’ll probably just drop it then.

    Unless this new team actually ends up doing really good, but… yeah…

  37. It’s hard not to think of that as a deathblow to the title’s longterm survival…
    I really hope Marvel can invest keeping the book afloat. The character’s such a great bit of spice in the line-up, and as Brubaker and Fraction have shown, there’s a lot of versatility to be explored in the character…

  38. I think it’s pitiful that so many people are dropping the book simply because Brubaker and Fraction are leaving. If you’re a fan of Iron Fist, then give the new team a shot. And Conor, if the book wasn’t working for you, then why not try the new team? Maybe they’ll provide something more to your liking? I just think it’s sad that fans are now no longer fans of characters, just creative teams. No wonder new books never last anymore.

  39. Look, If it’s acceptable to stick around for the brand new day travesty then there is absolutely no reason people can’t at least suspend judgement until at least after the first arc.

  40. "if the book wasn’t working for you, then why not try the new team?"


  41. This was one of those books I always planned to catch up with trades and then jump on with the regular series … now I’ll just buy the Brubaker trades.

  42. @shogunt – Because I’m not interested in the concept, I was buying the book because I like Brubaker.

  43. @shogunt – I don’t usually read books for characters, but rather the people creating the books.  I’d hardly call that pitiful.  Why should I have any allegiance to a fictional corporate character?  It’s not like someone’s gonna starve if we stop reading Iron Fist.

    That being said, I’ll read the first issue of the new team and get back to you.  It’s funny, because on this book, it’s not actually the loss of Brubaker and Fraction that’s as painful as the loss of Aja.

    I’d be curious why people think it’s so important to "stick with the title/character."  Why?  I’ve read thousands of comics and I’ve learned that the benefit of the doubt is a valuable thing, not to be bestowed lightly.

  44. Now I won’t have to worry about what I’m supposedly missing.


  45. I have the first TBP hardcover. I know I have number two on my wish list. I can’t wait to read it. But I know some people are not happy where the book is going right now. I guess I just have to wait tell I am done reading number two.  I am sure number three will be the last one with Ed Brubaker on this book.

  46. @josh- I just think it’s sad that people give up on books simply because a writer leaves, even if the book was enjoyable before.  Obviously the writer showed something in the character to make one keep reading, so why not see if that continues?  That’s basically saying that Brubaker and Fraction are the only ones who can write a good Iron Fist story, and that’s yet to be proven. 

    I think it’s important to stick with characters that you like, rather than just following creators around.  In a perfect world, a high profile writer on a book like IF will bring thousands of fans to like a fairly underused character. But nowadays it just brings people to more of that writer’s work, and that’s it. Maybe I feel that way because for all of my comic reading experience I’ve always bought books of characters and concepts that sparked my interest, whoever the creators were. Let’s face it, even the best writers have books that aren’t up their alley(some say this about Brubaker’s Uncanny), and little known writers often excel where these big namers falter. 

  47. I was going to buy the next issue to finish thie current story but then drop it. So at least now I can saw I didn’t jump off because the "writer" left.

  48. Who else loves typos?

  49. To advance a potentially radical premise here, I think it’s perfectly okay to buy a comic because you like the creative team, or out of loyalty to the character, or because you think the costumes are pretty, or because the throwback reminds you of all those hours you spent at your cousin Joey’s house, looking at old issues in the attic.  And it’s totally okay if somebody else reads what they read for a different reason.

    Fandom is a hobby.  If you’re having fun, you’re not doing it wrong. 

  50. Oh, caroline, you’re a genius!

  51. So gone after #16. 

  52. Wow I agree with ohcaroline’s post 100%.  YAY for fun! 

  53. I’ll stick with the book for the moment, mostly because I’ve been enjoying the story. And, really, it hasn’t felt like a Brubaker book to me even a little bit. But it’s not like Uncanny has felt like a Brubaker book, either.

    If the story turns entirely craptacular and the art worsens, then yeah, I’ll drop it, but I like the foundation that Bru and Fraction have provided. I’ll give the new creative team a chance to run with it.

  54. I’ll be praying for a Brubaker/Fraction/Aja hardcover collecting all 16 issues plus the Orson Randall one-shot, and tons of extras.

    Hear that Marvel?  I’ll GLADLY pay for that!

  55. It would be more like a Brubaker / Fraction / Aja / Foreman / Kano / Zonjic / Pulido / Koblish / Martinez / Evans / Fernandez / Fridolfs / Buscema / Heath / Severin hardcover.

    Man, they have had a lot of pencillers on this book.

  56. @ conor & jstump — Thanks, I try 🙂

  57. Man, am I pissed!

    I have loved this book since it started. I never read anything about Iron Fist before, and now that I like him and am enjoying the story, they take away any real talent and treat the book like a red-headed stepchild. sigh…..  

  58. "I don’t usually read books for characters, but rather the people creating the books.  I’d hardly call that pitiful."
    @josh: Try saying that out loud without feeling stupid…

    I’m deathly allergic to seafood, but gosh darn if I don’t think highly of the chef’s beef! *glargh*
    Everything’s better with descriptive pantomime.

  59. @omegalife2002 — It’s not like they handed the book off to Chuck Austen.  Swierczynski’s an accomplished novelist who Marvel seems to regard as an up and comer.   Considering how quickly Fraction’s been elevated, I suspect that editorial may be regarding this book as a sort of farm system for their bigger titles.  It seems like a smart/cool way to develop talent.  Kind of like being a fan of a midmajor basketball team that hires young, overqualified coaches, knowing they’ll be snatched up by higher profile programs in a few years. 

  60. Sometimes I read comics that have a character I like (i.e., anything with Man-Thing, which is often a painful thing) and sometimes I read for the artist and/or writer (i.e., I’ll read anything Alan Davis does).

    My philosophy is that if I don’t like what is being done with the character or what a particular creator is doing, I’ll vote against it by not buying the book.

    In the case of IIF, I can completely understand why someone who picked up the book in the first place because of the creative team would now drop it.  I can also understand why someone who picked it up because they like Iron Fist (like me) would continue reading the book unless or until they feel the quality is too low to continue.

  61. the loss of Fraction i can deal with. never cared for him. but Brubaker and Aja. ouch. that hurts. but i will stay with it becouse i like me the Kung-fu action.

    @ ohcaroline, there is no room for levelheaded objectivity in comics. only rushing to rash, baseless, judgement. (nice B-Ball allegory. way to drop some of the B-ball Ka-nowledge.)