Whedon to write and direct Wonder Woman film

This has been rumored for quite some time, but it looks like its official: Joss Whedon will be writing and directing the film version of Wonder Woman.

We all know about Whedon, right? With the years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the recent run on Astonishing X-Men, this looks like it should be an easy home run for Whedon. As long as he doesn’t get any lines like that awful “Toad” line he wrote for Storm in the X-Men movie.

I wonder who will play Wonder Woman? Those would be tough boots to fill.


  1. unghh, he hinted at making one of his firefly cast members wonder woman…

    i was talking with someone about this

    you see this?
    dave (10:55:02 AM): http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7224008/
    patskillmore (11:01:55 AM): yeah i saw that, i hope he doesn’t cast faith as wonder woman
    patskillmore (11:02:04 AM): she has the boobs but so ghetto
    dave (11:02:30 AM): don’t think she can “act” the part? she is an “actress” after alll
    dave (11:03:07 AM): i don’t think she’s tall enough…. wonder woman is an amazon
    patskillmore (11:04:00 AM): true
    patskillmore (11:04:06 AM): maybe gina davis
    patskillmore (11:04:13 AM): 😛
    dave (11:04:23 AM): nah, too old
    patskillmore (11:04:32 AM): and small boobs
    dave (11:04:45 AM): they need a taller jennifer garner with big cans
    patskillmore (11:05:11 AM): yup
    dave (11:05:43 AM): if ashley judd had bigger cans she’d be perfect
    patskillmore (11:05:58 AM): hmmmm
    patskillmore (11:06:32 AM): Monica Bellucci
    patskillmore (11:06:48 AM): she should be wonder woman
    patskillmore (11:06:55 AM): perfect
    dave (11:06:56 AM): too ethnic looking…. needs to be an all-american looking girl…..
    dave (11:07:11 AM): which is why i thought of judd initially
    dave (11:07:51 AM): if allison janney was younger she’d be perfect…..
    patskillmore (11:08:25 AM): says who, she doesn’t have to be an all american girl, she made the USA her home base but she was created from clay. and Monica Bellucci is a goddess
    dave (11:08:50 AM): :-
    dave (11:09:12 AM): i guess i’m missing something… she’s good looking and all, but a goddess?
    patskillmore (11:09:21 AM): oh man shes in my top 5
    patskillmore (11:09:34 AM): you ever see brotherhood of the wolf
    patskillmore (11:09:47 AM): irreversible
    dave (11:10:01 AM): nope
    patskillmore (11:10:13 AM): once you see her naked then you know
    patskillmore (11:10:26 AM): she is one of the hottest women around
    dave (11:10:37 AM): how about juggs hewitt? they could shoot it to make her look taller……
    patskillmore (11:11:01 AM): she can’t act though…i bet she tries out though
    patskillmore (11:11:14 AM): be interesting to see who goes after the part
    patskillmore (11:11:45 AM): all the male actors love these comic book movies… cruise, cage, willis…
    dave (11:11:51 AM): hey, if i were whedon i’d have every hot chick in hollywood on that casting couch….
    dave (11:12:03 AM): casting would take a year or so….
    patskillmore (11:12:06 AM): lol
    patskillmore (11:12:10 AM): oh hells yes
    dave (11:12:29 AM): hey, paris hilton? you wanna read for it? come on over…..
    dave (11:12:45 AM): i got it…. lindsey lohan…. is she tall?
    patskillmore (11:12:51 AM): ohhhhhhhhh
    patskillmore (11:12:52 AM): nice call
    patskillmore (11:13:10 AM): could be, i dunno
    dave (11:13:35 AM): but she might be too young looking…. they would have to cast young villians….
    patskillmore (11:13:40 AM): i think she is locked into disney for the rest of her life though
    dave (11:14:34 AM): one internet sex tape and she’s out……
    patskillmore (11:14:48 AM): where do i sign up
    dave (11:15:01 AM): ezzzzactly….

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, our readers!

  3. Seriously, though, if he casts Charisma Carpenter I’m boycotting.