What is in the water in Riverdale???

Archie #608


In the last six months Archie has had two wives and at least three kids. What the hell is going on in Riverdale?? I haven't seen skirt chasing like this since my last relationship ended.


  1. Viagra?

  2. Archie´s a player.

  3. Catnip?

  4. Really? Did Archie have a thing for Val at somepoint?

  5. He’d be out of his mind not to! Mmmmmm… Rosario Dawson….

  6. LOL. WIth Archie being such a Tookie Bandit, it’s amazing Reg, and Jughead are gettin anything!

    BUT as far as the band goes, give me a date with MELODY anytime!

  7. LSD in the water?

    He’s been getting slow doses of catamine from Jughead at night?

  8. "It’s cool if you like it, it’s okay if you don’t, but decide for yourselves."

  9. Josie’s hotter

  10. I didn’t  know Archie was into furries O_O

  11. This really seems like the perfect match for Archie. 

  12. What do you mean something in the water? If I lived in Riverdale I would be mackin on all the ladies.

  13. Don’t read Archie.. But love The updates on his life, thanks @Conor

  14. "I went from Butter Pecan to Blackberry Molass/I don’t discriminate, I regulate every shade of the ass" – Archie Andrews

  15. @drakedangerz for the win.

  16. Classic, Archie bringing it… free love its the 70’s man

  17. I wanna be Archie when I grow up.

  18. Archie is down with the swirl!

  19. Damn who’s next Daphne from Scooby-Doo? O_O

  20. @ShaunR

    If I were Archie, she would be.

  21. Archie’s got game.

  22. Watch out Betty and Veronica, now he’ll never go back.

  23. o_O… You’ll have to forgive me if I’m blunt about my question but… has Archie dated outside of his race before? Seems like it’s not the kind of comic franchise that would do that sort of thing. Just wondering if it’s normal since I don’t read it and therefore have no way of knowing.

  24. @Mangaman

    Not only is it normal in Archie Comics, but it’s normal everywhere. Multi-Racial couplings is how nature produces supermodels.

  25. If Archie was really the man, he would’ve nailed all three Pussycats at once.

  26. Clearly Archie is hung like Dirk Diggler.

  27. Word spreads fast in Riverdale.



  28. Oh that Archie.

  29. seams like archie is just a late bloomer.

  30. when will his lusty eyes turn towards and often spurned Reggie and they realize that all that time they wasted chasing after the same girl was really about them not wanting to pursue each other.