What is Earth Zero?

Today Rick Remender sent this image out to us, with absolutely no comment.

You might know this team from their current collaboration, Last Days of American Crime, a series which I would love to see the rest of, but hey, a new project gets them to finish that up and give us something new, that's fantastic.


  1. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Yeah, it’d be nice to get a second installment of Last Days.

    But for now, what is Earth Zero?  Sexy.

  2. I’m intreiged

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I want to go to there. 

  4. There is nothing that isn’t awesome about that image.

  5. Not sure what’s going on with the image, but it does remind me of Samus Aran. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

  6. I’m always down for new Remender indy stuff.

  7. It looks like they consulted with Hickman for the design, which I’m totally cool with. I like circles.

  8. Yep. It does look Hickmanesque. 

     Pretty cool.

  9. I don’t know what that is, but it looks like something for me.

  10. Good grief gentlemen (Rick and Greg), how about shipping your current project before moving on to the next?

    Last Days #1 was great. I’d like to see it finished some time in 2010. As it stands it’s nearing Stumptown territory. Ship #s 2 & 3 and then I’ll get excited about this – admittedly intriguing – project. 

  11. I don’t mean to sound negative but, finish off the first collaboration then I’ll bother to pay attention to this announcement.


    the Tiki 

  12. heath looks s little fem in that shot


  13. This really makes me doubt if we’ll ever see the rest of Last Days of American Crime.  That series had so much promise.

  14. Bikini spacegirl climbing on off an AT-AT? Sign me up!

  15. Same great sci-fi comics, zero calories!

  16. I am so very tired of teasers. Also what Tiki said.

  17. Yeah please finish Last Days of American Crime .  Then do Earth Zero.  This how it is suppose to work.

  18. Please, please don’t let Remender pull a Liefeld or a Fincher. Finish one project before announcing three or four more that look like they could be awesome if they actually did come out. The first and only issue of Last Days of American Crime was good enough for me to anticipate the next issue, mainly for Tocchini’s beautiful artwork. But, where the hell is it?

  19. Remender is already down that path – remember the ‘Legion of the Supernatural’ that he was gonna do .. no dice.  I remember him also saying that ‘Last Days’ was so delayed so all the art could get finished.  It’s been what, three months since issue #1.  I love Rick’s work, he’s inventive and knows how to tell great stories.  Unless it’s a monthly Marvel book, I will now only by his stuff in trade.


    (Hickman’s another one – don’t get me started on Red Mass for Mars …. grrr!) 

  20. I thought Remender has a Marvel Exclusive deal. Guess not?

  21. Could be Icon.

  22. Yeah, definetly Hickman’esque, which has alot of appeal with me. I dunno. I sort of like not knowing what it’s about. I hope I hear nothing more about it until it’s published. I’ll do my best to swim around what it is on ifanboy but it’ll probably not happen.

    I think it’d be great for a DC book (Earth 0).