What does 2010 have in store for The Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four in 2010


There is a lot of exciting imagery in there. Let's hope that Dale Eaglesham is a part of most of the year.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I hope this run goes on for a good long time. Perfect package of book (tone, characters, themes) and writer. 

  2. I can’t wait to see what Hickman has in store for Franklin and his restored powers.  It looks like another alternate universe/future Franklin shows up.

  3. So shiny!

  4. Hickman rocks it.

    I was sold on the ‘preform/performing surgery on the universe’ pages in FF#571.

    That’s a Morrison-esque use of imagination.

    And I’ve NEVER been interested in the Fantastic Four in the past.


  5. I’m always excited when the High Evolutionary has a hand in things. Man this might be my favorite on going in the 616 universe right now

  6. Been following Hickman since The Nightly News, and I am so glad he ended up on this book.  The FF:DR mini was great, and now he has an sandbox for all his awesome sci-fi ideas.  Never read FF before, but I am happily doing so now.

  7. Craaaaab people, Craaaaab people…

  8. A little too cartoony for my tastes, but Hickmans writing is so good!!!

  9. So we have in the Upper left: Crabman, maybe some sort of connection to Namor?, Upper Right: Mole man and statue of a kree. below that we see Franklin becoming the worlds strongest mutant again. Bottom right: Valeria being the super genius that she is. Then in bottom left: alternate versions of the Inhumans, Black bolt, Karnak, and Medusa? and of course Annilius. Did i miss anything or get anything wrong?

    If Hickman and Eaglesham stay on i cant wait. I was about to drop the book when they came on and it made me remember why i wanted to pick up the book in the first place. I’m really looking for to what they have planned.

  10. How long has Nick Fury been in the Fantastic Four?

  11. Hickman and Eaglesham seem to fit eachother perfectly as a team.  With any luck they’ll be around for a long, long time.

  12. Best Marvel Universe book being published today by a long shot. 5 issues in, and I can tell this run will be legendary.

  13. I hope Hickman gets to do a Galactus / FF story. This is the best Marvel book.

  14. @MikeBanner – haha You’re right. he does look like Nick Fury!

  15. Hickman is amazing and I’ve been loving his run.

  16. Nice to see some classics like the Mole Man, as I think that Hickman’s the kind of writer to give old ideas fresh perspective.  More than that though, I get the sense that he wants every idea to seem new and exciting.  He’s truly resurrecting this series, making the FF a family for the frontier of the 21st century.  Long may he remain.

  17. Lobster Claws!!

    I just read my first issue of Hickman’s run with the most recent issue. Eh it was okay. I think I’ll wait for trade for the most part with this run. Still that image has some cool ideas in it. So I am psyched for this run on FF.

  18. i like the book but this is just too nerdy for me. i’m 27 for cripe’s sake!

  19. I am so glad to hear so many people enjoying this book. What have the sales on it been like? anyone know?

  20. @TimmyWood: Not great.

  21. That sucks about the sales, but at least being FF, Marvel won’t cancel it. 

  22. Won’t cancel, but they might switch up the writer/artists until they find a "winning combination." I wonder what Waid/Wieringo sold at.

  23. @OttoBot: I don’t think there is a winning combination that will sell FANTASTIC FOUR to a modern audience short of, like, Alan Moore or somebody.

  24. I REALLY don’t want to pick up another book, but I’m startin’ to think I need to be buyin’ Fantastic Four.


  25. @conor: does Alan Moore translate into sales in this day and age? Whenever people talk about him, they generally tend to mention things he wrote in the 80s and 90s. But then again, I barely look at sales figures. 

  26. @conor – I agree completely, hence winning combination being in quotations. This is the only superhero monthly I’m buying at the moment because Hickman gets this premise and family dynamic so well. November’s numbers came out today on CBR though, and FF is pulling about 39k. That’s not too terribly bad. 8k better then Hickman’s Secret Warriors, even.

    @JohnVFerrigno – I imagine Moore would pull massive sales if he was back on a Big Two superhero book.