What did we do before User Reviews?

Make sure you check out all the reviews available in the Comics section, but here are a few we wanted to point out.

Chewie810 checks in on Gotham Underground #7, the surprise mini series about the extended Bat family.  Story 5 / Art 5

This series has allowed us to see that, and has taken Batman out of the focus most of the time to highlight his other family members. Here we see Huntress and Batgirl join the fray, along with Wildcat.

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ActualButt (a username which never fails to make me giggle childishly) covers a title we’ve been remiss to mention very often with the finale to Annihilation Conquest #6Story 4 / Art 5

While I thought Conquest wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor, I’m definitely psyched up for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series. Anbett and Lanning are destined for some great things, and Tom Raney’s pencils sing as usual.

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g0ofnewt takes us to the west with his take on Lone Ranger #11Story 4 / Art 4

I really love the direction that book has taken. Brett Matthews has kept the reverence of the character in check while also making it dark and brooding when it needs to be. Cassady’s art direction and Sergio Cariello art is brilliant, modern and pulpy all at the same time.

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  1. You know, Annihilation was something I always wanted to check out, but I just don’t have the scratch to get three trades worth of stuff.  Do I really need all three of them? 

  2. Honestly, I intend to download the whole story and then buy the trades as I have the money. It’s what I’d suggest for anyone else.


  3. Uh oh…this better not start that whole downloading vs. not downloading debacle again.  🙂

  4. I’m not gonna argue the point. Buying the trades (or issues) is already part of my suggestion. 🙂