We’ve got more new people for you this week!

It’s time, once again, to welcome our newest members of the iFanboy writing family.

As we said before, we are always keeping our eyes open for new talent, people who bring a unique and interesting look at the world of comic books. A few months ago, that brought us the likes of Jim Mroczkowski, Paul Montgomery, and Mike Romo, three guys who have brought a lot of energy and new ideas to iFanboy.

This week we welcome two new people to the mix.

Chris Neseman of Around Comics and 11 O’Clock Comics will be contributing a weekly feature about two things he knows best — fine alcohol and good comics! Look for Comic Shots every Thursday.

Sonia Harris is the newest member of iFanboy’s writing staff. She’s a native of London and a resident of San Francisco and brings a much different take on the world of comics than we’ve had previously at iFanboy. It’s a take on comic that we like a lot, and hopefully you will too. You’ll find Sonia’s articles every Friday.

Please join iFanboy in welcoming its newest members of the writing team!


  1. Welcome guys !

  2. Welcme all and one! i look forword to reading everything you guys write! 🙂

  3. Burp

  4. …"we are is always…"  Yep, you’re correct…you def. need new writers!!!!  Just kidding, Conor! Hey, i Love Bizarro-speak……

    Welcome to the new guys and gals! I’ve listened to Chris on that other podcast and i cannot think of a better idea than to combine alcohol and good comics (unless you are under 21!)


  5. Clearly we need more people to take up the slack.  Our prep for San Diego has us frayed at the edges and making rookie mistakes!

    And Chris…c’mon…try to be presentable.  You’re better than that, champ!

  6. HeY!

    At least I’m wearing pants.



    this time… 

  7. Welcome All–


    Lovin’ 11:00 Comics chris–keep up the boozin rants!!! 

  8. I can always welcome some new minds and new perspectives.  Best of luck to you both.

  9. Welcome to the board, guys.


    (Now get back to work!)

  10. Cool.  More content is always a good thing.


    Welcome aboard guys!

  11. This is great news! And I will order a Bombay Sapphire………. Or a bottled Miller Lite……

  12. Thank God for Sonia. Assuming it was God that sent her.

  13. Doesn’t get much better than Chris.

  14. I’m going to need to take time off of work just to keep up with all this content.  But that’s completely awesome.

  15. Welcome! I am already jealous of your talent.

    The break room on the second floor has the best coffeemaker. The one up on three tends to short out. And watch out for the pranks they play on the freshmen; if anyone tries to sell you an "elevator pass," do not buy it. I’ll give you mine for half price.

  16. I’ll just let people know that if you’re planning on playing along at home you should start stocking up.

    I’d say you need to start with 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam. A 5th each of Gin, Vodka, Rum, Tequila and Cognac. Grab some fresh lemons, oranges, maraschino cherries, bitters, vermouth (sweet & dry), bar salt, olives, sour mix ,a martini shaker, and a variety of glasses (martini, rocks, highball etc.)

    That should get you through July. 


  17. Welcome gang! Lookng forward to your work. 

    Hooray for the growth of the iFanboy Media Empire!!

  18. Welcome guys!!!

  19. Welcome aboard 🙂

  20. Finally some female blood. No more sausage fest.

  21. I refuse to welcome anyone until I get some Hostess Fruit Pies.

  22. This is great! Welcome and cheers from Beantown

  23. Hurrah for Chris, I like Around Comics.

    And Sonia, a fellow Brit, and in SF. Ever go to Lori’s Diner? I LURVE Lori’s Diner.

  24. And the empire keeps on growing!

    This is awesome, and a hearty welcome! Paul, Mike and Jim have brought great stuff to the iFanboy table, so really looking forward to your articles 🙂

    And the hits just keep on comin’! 

  25. @Mart,

    Where can I get British import versions of American comics? Seriously, I’d like to see what they look like.

  26. Neseman Rocks. Harris probably does too. Greetings, all.

  27. Looking forward to the new content!

  28. Jeez!  Neeseman is everywhere!  I’m glad to see Chris will have an ongoing commentary (WITH DRINKS!).  Don’t burn yourself out buddy… or if you do, make sure you save me a barstool next to ya so I can enjoy the ride first hand!  😉


    the Tiki 

  29. Tim is in part the inspiration for my column. I’ve already started thinking of what drinks we would both enjoy sitting on the back deck with a good cigar talking about the funny books.

  30. Chris–can you please write a column while drunk at least once?

  31. You’re assuming he’s writing them sober.  I guess you’ve never met Chris.

  32. Listening to someone drunk is far more entertaining that reading what the drunk person has written.

    Let’s just say that I’m writing the column early in the day… 

  33. @Chris… I am so bringing the stogies to Darktower when I come to town.  thanks for the kind words  🙂


    the Tiki 

  34. I can’t believe Neseman is pulling Ultimate Origins.

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Why does everything have to chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange!!!?????

  36. @Gene, I don’t know where you’d get the British repackagings of US comics – living over here, I’ve never had to seacrh them out over there  . . .

     Basically, Titan and Panini do DC and Marvel books, usually 96 pages, same size as US, full colour with stiff card covers. Maybe try an issue via one of these websites?