Weird Ass Superhero Statues

A few readers have sent these in, and if you haven't seen them already, the works speak for themselves.  An Italian artist Adrian Tranquilli has sculpted a bunch of life-like and impressive superheroes posed in very defeated and sad positions, in contrast to the way we normally see these characters.  Maybe Wolverine is really depressed deep down about all the berserkering he's done. 

They're showing or were shown at the Louise Alexander Gallery, but my French isn't good enough to get those details.  See more here.



  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If Charles Dickens had written a globe-trotting spy novel in 1991, the villain would be named Adrian Tranquilli. 

    These are pretty rad. It’s too bad the Superman sculpt isn’t Martian Manhunter.  

  2. The Superman one actually reminds me of the JLA story where J’onn goes evil and half-phases Superman through the conference table.

  3. JESUS CHRIST, is that Superman?!?!?!

  4. That picture of the Batman statue looks like it stepped right off the Batman Begins poster.

  5. Supes that is what happens when you fuck with Darth Vader… you get frozen in Carbonite!!!!

    @mikegraham6: That is exactly what I thought. I’d like to get a closer look at the statue.

  6. Creepy.

    Why are there only five individual claw-marks on the wall in front of Wolverine? Is he upset because he couldn’t pop the other 5 claws? Could he only pop one from each hand? He obviously has popped all six since shredding up the wall.

  7. Loving the Superman sculpture and how the artist uses the wall to add to the positve/negative space of the piece. Reminds me of George Segal’s work albeit a more polished rendering. 

    @josh–from the galleries’ site it looks like this show ran through July of 2008. 

  8. These are interesting.  Who is the red sculpture on his site?  I can’t tell.

  9. I agree with  WheelHandsWHY has this man savage only popped three claws…WHAT is going through his mind (takes a drag from a Gallouis Blond) Could it be his emotions that he wants to speak about, but….but…cannot? Is he penetant or a GOD kneeling before this work of art? (lights another) ce la vie….

  10. It looks like Superman is suppose to be posing like Jesus. Cause his hands are out (like he’s on a cross) and he’s got the same wound you always see in other paintings of Jesus.

    Love these statues though, I like it how Wolverine looks like he’s praying that his art looks good for the show.

  11. @Preacher, I think you have it backwards 🙂

  12. hahahaha. the "english" on that site is hilarious! "

    "At the time of the exit of cartoon film the Illusionist, we propose to you to gain 20 places. Adapted of a new scenario of Jacques Tati, it is about new film of Sylvain Chomet, after Triplettes of Belleville. It will leave in the rooms on June 16, 2010."

  13. Red Guy:

    Red Tornado? The Vision doing yoga in his quarters? A Human Torch android meditating on a future timeline where Pym never made Ultron?

  14. @player1 – Those are all reasonable guesses.

  15. @WheelHands: says the guy with a creepy username =p.

    I’m slightly disturbed by the Superman statue, it reminds me of that horrific scene in ELFQUEST with the statue of an ELF behind makeshift bars, used as a methaphor for oppression. Kept coming up in my sleep afterwards, just like how this will.

  16. Wow. That is amazing!!

    I love the Superman one. 

  17. Amazing stuff. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea of its existence. That Batman statue is haunting. I would love to have that on our grounds out back.