Weekly Webcomic Report – 03.7.2011

Welcome to another exciting Weekly Webcomic Report, where iFanboy highlights the best in webcomics of the past week: 02.28.2011 – 03.06.2011.


Goodnight Dune by Julia Yu

Last December College Humor created a list of   and shows, and now one is available for digest. Inspired by their list, artist Julia Yu created a free webcomic based on their suggestion for a book called Goodnight Dune (that can be read here). While College Humor's cover depiction drifted further from the source material, Yu "decided to stick closer to the original Goodnight Moon art style, using some stylistic elements from the David Lynch movie version of Dune." Nonetheless, this is a thoroughly enjoyable appropriation of the story, and a well suggested read, and hands down the most talked about new webcomic to arrive last week. 


"Just Desserts" by PvP

PvP is a very reliable webcomic that is one-part non-sequitur and another part narrative. This past week's self-contained comic was filled with puns and reminiscent of the old Adam West Batman show re-done with some modern flare. While puns are funny, too many can make the material too cheesy – oh no, I've done it too. 


"Saying What You Mean" by Octopus Pie

There are a lot of comics, in print and on the web, about life as a twenty-something in New York, and of all the comics that are out there – this is one you should definitely be reading. This well-written, frequently updated and on-going comic by Meredith Gran is about "two women living in Brooklyn, NY – their jobs, social circles and some problems" also includes a large cast of characters and relatable issues/interactions (in-particular this week's post!) making for an enjoyable read. (NOTE: This is not the entire post, but a highlighted portion). You can follow Meredith Gran on twitter here


"Left Pivot Right Pivot" by The Gutters

The Gutters strikes the Weekly Webcomic Report again as writer Ryan Sohmer and artist Annie Wu exploit their knowing that anything X-Men is my kryptonite. A consistently funny webcomic that highlights, reviews and critiques comic and geek culture that often features new and well-known artists. 


"Know When to Fold-In" by Amazing Facts… And Beyond!

A blogspot webcomic created by Leon Beyond makes a fold-in comic, à la MAD Magazine's Al Jaffee, about things that fold-in. Brilliant, funny and well drawn, this comic is worth going back to on a weekly basis. 



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  1. just spent more time than i should have going through Gutters. awesome

  2. …Raising Crazy?

  3. knowing when to fold in sounds interesting. Highly ironic delivery style. Why can’t i fold my LCD? ha

  4. Octopus Pie is one of the best comics I read today. Meredith puts a lot of work into each panel and there’s a wealth of detail in them. Also, just some hilarious stuff from time to time but she knows when to make it sweet or dramatic. Today’s strip was no different.

    Also, Gutters is pretty hilarious.