Weekly Webcomic Report – 03.14.2011

Welcome to another totally awesome Weekly Webcomic Report! While this past week may have lost you an hour with Day Light Savings Time, iFanboy is here to save you time in searching through your long list of online comics – bringing you the best in the past week: 03.07.2011-03.13.2011.


Protocol by Penny Arcade

We all know it and love it, but this past weekend was the big PAX-East convention! Nonetheless, if you are a creator, writer, artist or fanboy/girl – we've all either had this moment or almost had this moment. 


Speech by Hipster Hitler

You don't have to be a hipster, Hitler or a graphic designer to find humor in this satirical webcomic's posting about fonts. This funny online comic that is based on puns, hipster culture and the Third Reich found a way to appeal to more than those who understand the difference in blends of American Apparel cottons (and history majors that dropped out of college) in the common nerd dilemma of lettering. Regardless, this is a webcomic that is always worth checking into – especially if you like puns.  (NOTE: This is not the entire post comic, but a highlighted panel. Also, reading the rest of this comic, or previous comics, will add further irony to Hipster Hitler's t-shirts)


Part 1, Page 11 by Dead Horse

This fledgling webcomic that is written by Eric Grissom and illustrated by Phil Sloan follows William Pike as he journeys into the depths of Alaska in search of his missing father but finds a box, and a series of clues, that might posses the answers. This comic's black and white art compliments the noir-esq tale, helps build suspense as it's balanced with moments of humor and darkness. It is also consistent in its promised Tuesday and Thursday updates.  (NOTE: This is not the entire post comic, but a highlighted portion)


The Art Critic by Super Siblings

This funny comic written and illustrated by Patrick Scullin is family friendly and intended for geeks with kids. But even without kids, it's a comic for geeks which we can all relate to – especially when it's about kids drawing cool zombies. 


Page 65 by Ectopiary

This is a relatively new comic for me, but the art – among many things – is so interesting. Reminiscent of Philip Bond (by opinion), Hans Rickheit is developing an online graphic novel that is both interesting narratively and visually. But if you are not captivated by art in the most recent posts, it is suggested you start from the beginning and continue reading weekly.  (Note: This is not the entire post, but a highlighted panel – read on!)




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  1. Going to check out Page 65 and hopefully add it to my list. thanks for all the suggestions Austin, i’ve added a number of webcomics to my reading list because of this feature. Keep up the good work!