Weekly Webcomic Report – 02.28.2011

It's Monday and time for another Weekly Webcomic Report that highlights that best in online comics from the previous week: 02.21.2011 – 02.27.2011. So before you go reviewing the big winners of last night's Academy Awards show, take a look at these great webcomics.!


"Tax Prose" by Gunshow

This comic written and drawn by KC Green is about a lot of different things, but it manages to always build towards a greater punch line. Using both non sequitur comics and comics that will last through several posts, he creates a world of characters both new and familiar to the reader with his cartoony art style. This comic in particular should resonate for all of us in some way as it's tax time. (NOTE: This is not the full comic posted, but a highlighted portion)


"Flying Cars" by XKCD

Randall Munroe's well-witted and stick-figure drawn comic about "romance, sarcasm, math and language" is a brilliant comic that often speaks to all of our inner (and outer) science nerd humor. This comic was flat out brilliant and hilarious. 


"Peek-A-Boo" by IDK Comics

Created by Will Hightower and Cierra Wiley (on easiersaid.net), says it's "your daily dose of 'sad-humor'," and most of the time the statement holds true. Intended for readers with a dry, deadpan or obscure humor, this particular post was simple, poignant and dry all while excavating a sincere chuckle. 


"Lines" by Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver

This webcomic, intended for mature audiences, is the autobiographical story of, Bree, the creator's  life in New York City as a twenty-something. This comic is funny and crass it is also something that, if you are a twenty-something or living in Brooklyn, is extremely relatable. This post in particular brought me right back to my days in college and having similar experiences. So, thank you Bree for reminding me of those times and being happy I don't have that school induced panic anymore. You can follow the comic on twitter here.


"Culture is Weird" by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 

We've all seen clips, or at least the trailer, of the Superman film made in India. But this post from SMBC, created by Zach Weiner, spelled out the differences between our Superman and the Superman featured in Indian cinema – turns out they have a lot in common, which might be the funniest part of all. 


"Frame 319" by 366 Frames

Last year, writer & comics creator, Dennis Wojda set out to create a comic in which he posts one frame every day for 366 days without having a pre-written script (as an experiment in work flow). Being part autobiographical and part fiction this story is about a family's struggles. So far he's kept to the guidelines of his goal and doing a great job of it. This frame in particular caught my eye as an individual frame, but also in context to the current story. It's a brilliant comic, good story and lovely to look at. 


While some are already avid webcomic readers, if you're not you should take some time to explore the amazing world of online publications such as these!


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  1. Yay SMBC!  A daily must-read.

  2. I would think that the weird part about indian superman is that he fly dances with spider(wo)man, murders a man for mugging, and apparently is never far away from a bitchin’ dance party.

  3. Fuckin’ LOVE Gunshow! KC Green is amazing!

  4. Some great stuff here. I’ve only recently foind Gunshow but my gosh, that stuff is good.

  5. The most important webcomics-thing last week for me was that Gunnerkrigg Court’s brief hiatus ended.

  6. Gun Show by KC Green is pretty good

  7. @monkeypaw787  if i was superman i would never be far away from a bitchin dance party either, super hearing + super speed = winning

  8. We get Indian satelite Tv where I live and I  saw that Indian Superman movie and for a long while, I thought I was the only one who ever did and later thought I had imagined it.