Weekly Sketch Up – 8/13/2010

Another Friday, another batch of drawrings! 

Tellos (Mike Wieringo tribute) by Eric Canete


The Sandman by Francesco Francavilla

The Fantastic Four (Mike Wieringo tribute) by Chris Samnee


Johann Kraus and Roger the homunculus by Blair Campbell

Emma Frost by Bryan Lee O'Malley


Milk & Cheese vs. Neal Adams' Batman by Jim Rugg


Batman and the Penguin by Christopher Mitten 


Rocket Raccoon and Groot by Tom Fowler

The Spirit by Francis Manapul 



  1. Is Batman lactose intolerant?

    I LOVE that Spirit by Manapul.  Beautiful. 

  2. spirit kicks ass as does the eric canete sketch

  3. Can Francis Manapaul also draw The Spirit.  Can we clone him? 

    Also, Canete’s sketch of Tellos is awesome.  I love that book.

  4. I want more books with Tom Fowler on art. Badly. 

  5. I want to take that Manapul Spirit sketch to a really fancy dinner, then maybe Paris or London to live out the rest of our days.

  6. Holy hand grenade!!  Manapul Spirit, Fowler Groot & Raccoon, Ringo tributes, Bryan Lee O’Malley Emma, Francavilla sandman!!!  Beautiful

  7. I want to see Bryan Lee O’Malley on Uncanny X-Men 

  8. Please DC have a new ongoing Spirit series with Francis Manapul on art!!! He draws the PERFECT SPIRIT!!! So Amazing!!!

  9. I want that Spirit piece.

  10. So it’s been three years since Wieringo’s death, hmm? A pity, a pity. The tributes are nice though.

  11. @OttoBot He’s got a Deadpool Team-up coming out in the latest Previews, and at least one other book in the pipe at Marvel.  Tom’s a really great guy here’s hoping he’s going to have more consistent comic work now.

    This might be my favourite collections of sketches since the article started.  GREAT stuff this week.  I NEED to get a Manapul sketch at Fanexpo later this month.

  12. More Tom Fowler please.

  13. I want Manapaul to draw my life, and include the Spirit as my best friend – f’n gorgeous.

    And Francavilla’s Sandman is just amazing. I will hit him up for some art of some kind at the Baltimore show. 

  14. Canete and Francavilla almost always get my vote.

    The Mitten Penguin/Batman is pretty haunting. I’m loving what he does with Batman’s eyes.

    I feel like I’m not in on the joke with Rugg’s.

  15. For anyone who hasn’t listened to Word Balloon this week – it seems Manapul’s illustrating an 8-page Spirit story for something or other. More of the above please! Also that Groot is most excellent.

  16. Manapul is a champ!  Definitely a talented dude!

  17. @gobo – Yeah, I’m buying my first Deadpool book because of him. It was surreal clicking that pull button, lemme tell ya. 🙂

  18. No epic Galactus this week?

    I love all of these sketches; but the Manapul and Francavilla one’s definitely stand out. If Manapul were to draw The Spirit comic (or get involved in a new rebooted series); I’d buy it in a heartbeat. 

  19. Now I’m really really sure, Manapul is a great artist.

    Go Filipinos! 

  20. WTG BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Week in week out, this column rocks it hard! But I really was happy to see O’Malley jump into the fray here. Would love to see some of his versions of all Marvel peeps! Love the minimalistic approach, really fills my tummy!

  22. Francavilla is just so good it isn’t even funny. Then again, Manapul is just so good that it is hilarious.

  23. Canete’s Tellos is bringing the whimsy! and Manapul’s Spirit IS beautiful. great choices this week, as always.

  24. Love the Manapul sketch. Best of the week by far.

  25. Manapul blows my mind over and over! 

  26. Wow. It is fun to read this feature. I said "wow" on almost all of them.