Weekly Sketch Up – 12.17.2010

Empire Strikes Back by Dan Hipp

Zatanna by Tim Seeley



Totoro vs. Hulk by Ryan Ottley



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Declan Shalvey



Velma by Evan "Doc" Shaner



Etrigan by Fabio Moon



Ms. Marvel by Joe Quinones



Zombie Cyclops by Sean Phillips



Aquaman by Chris Eliopoulos



Calvin and Hobbes meet 3 Story by Matt Kindt



  2. LOL, That Totoro one is ace, between this and his cameo as a dirty Japanese businessman on Drawn Together he’s really gone down hill recently.

  3. nobody draws punches like ottley

  4. The calvin and hobbes and the Velma pieces are really great. 

  5. Wow. Love that first image.

  6. ETRIGAN….freaking awesome.

  7. Those are all so good.  So glad we have such talented people in this world who get to do what they love.  Was thinking that the Zartanna piece is pretty sexy, even without humongous boobs…nice to see the female form as more than just a frame for biggins’.

  8. yay, an aquaman!

  9. Totoro FTW!!

  10. The Ottley and Seely piece look awesome!

  11. I wasn’t into the Zatanna until I noticed the rabbit. Freaking awesome. I also love the first and Declan’s piece. I really, really hope he releases some more work soon.

  12. Love that Star Wars sketch! I’m sure everyone who saw that scene had the same reaction as Boba.

  13. Does anyone know if the TMNT is for sale? That’s wicked gorgeous

  14. Oh my god, that Zatanna…

    And the Velma…and the Turtles…. 

  15. Oh they don’t make scoobydoo like they used to 🙂

  16. holy shit! that Zatana almost makes me wanna read her title. Which speaks volumes!
    TMNT looks epic, no nonsense, ass-kciking turtles. I’d lke to see these ones in an X cross-over.
    love the way C & H is executed
    Cyclops is like god-like, norse mythology battle of Ragnarok level of fight he’s bringing

  17. Totoro is a badass killing machine! I knew it!

  18. I want that art by Tim Seeley. His art is so hardcore I always have to change my pants after glancing at new stuff. Which by the way just happened so yeah…. Now everyone knows the real reason why I read Hack/Slash >_>

  19. Awesome overload this week!

  20. Totoro is STRONGEST ONE THERE IS !
    Sean Philips on Zombie X-men ? Yes PLEASE

  21. Hulks head is way too big there.

  22. Great week.

  23. han solo is so cool

  24. I like the “Totoro vs. Hulk” one.

  25. All great.  Love that Zatanna!  TMNT and Velma making me miss my childhood.

  26. Velma has Never looked hotter and the Trutles have never looked more badass.

  27. to many good ones to pick a fav!  Star wars and Totoro were the most entertaining but I just loved the Zatana and the Turtles.  Great work to everyone!