Weekly Sketch Up – 10/20/2010

Batman vs. Cookie Monster by Dan Hipp

Dracula by Chris Samnee

Vampire by Andy Kuhn


Werewolf of London by Gabriel Hardman


Darth Vader by Ben Templesmith


Rocket Raccoon by Tom Fowler



Elektra by Mike Hawthorne


The Wire by Dennis Culver


  1. Oh my god, Samnee’s Dracula is heartstoppingly beautiful.

  2. Batman vs Cookie Monster. haha awesome. 

  3. That Wire picture is epic.

  4. Yummy – like a nice big bag of Halloween candy. I’m convinced Gabe Hardman will one day rule the universe.

  5. @ruo yeah.  It’s an incredible likeness of all of them. Wow!

  6. Good grief is that Wire page good or what?

    Best part? "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiit"

  7. In the Rocket Racoon picture, is that an otter with a scimitar?  Awesome.

    Also, Samnee’s Dracula = amazing and Templesmith’s Vader = rad.

  8. The Wire pic is excellent!

  9. Brother Mouzone!

  10. That Wire picture is amazing, as is Samnee’s Dracula sketch. Damn, so much awesome on the page this week

  11. Also, just noticed how McNulty’s pants are around his ankles,most excellent

  12. Oh my god!  If the Thanos Imperative ends with a Rocket Racoon solo with Tom Fowler involved some how, it would make me feel a lot better if GoG and Nova dont return.   Fingers Crossed!

  13. Not just Rocket Racoon. Rocket Racoon’s Rescue Rangers. The Turtle with swords is my favorite.

  14. I’m going to guess that the Wire sketch is the one that made Conor gasp on twitter…

  15. That Wire piece made me pee a little.

  16. If the WIRE piece was vertical and not horizontal it would be my desktop background RIGHT NOW.

  17. GOD DAMN I love Dan Hipp!

  18. Good gods I love this weekly feature.

    I would consider giving up my firstborn for the original to that Fowler Rocket Raccoon.


  19. I like all of these sketches but seriously how can BATMAN VS COOKIE MONSTER not be the greatest sketch of the year?

  20. Samnee’s is up on eBay for a great cause.

  21. @Conor – that Wire piece is incredibly easy to cut and paste into a new format and have as a desktop. I know. I’m looking it right now.

    *Patrick Stewart voice*

  22. @josh: You mean I got to drink this coffee hot?

  23. Having just watched the complete series, that the wire sketch is butter.

  24. Love Samnee’s work. He did an awesome Nick Fury a while back. Gorgeous.

  25. SWEAR TO ME!!!


  26. Wow that Dracula piece, if they ever wanted another movie poster for the film, that would be Essential! Plus that Batman one was hysterical!

  27. Amazing art all across the board.

  28. It’s hard to single any piece out they’re all so freaking gorgeous!  


  29. I want that Wire art on my wall.

  30. the Wire piece is pretty incredible