Weekly Sketch Up – 10/01/2010

Wonder Man by Brian Hurtt


Nightwing by Francis Manapul


Tony Curtis by Sean Phillips


Gen 13 by Jamie McKelvie


Gorilla Grodd by Dave Wachter


Jaws by Dan Hipp


Alan Scott by Mahmud Asrar

Batman by Michael Cho


Judge Dredd (w/ Batman) by Eric Canete


Power Girl by Darwyn Cooke


  1. Alan Scott one got me. Got me good.

  2. Love that Nightwing.

    What is it about Mr. Cooke’s style that seems so magical?  Nostalgia?  That Power Girl is perfect. 

  3. @stuclach – i’m with you; Cooke work just draws you in……make me think about the Godfather….wierd.

  4. Sean Philips’ Tony Curtis is bad ass, and a great tribute.

    And Cooke’s Power Girl is definetly magical; i’m with the others. She’s got tht Marilyne Munroe look too, which makes her smokin hot!

  5. Canete is insane. Love love love his stuff. I really hope he’s sketching and not charging a fortune at NYCC.

  6. I’d buy a Gen 13 book drawn by McKelvie

  7. Darwyn is amaZING. And i am a BIG WonderMan fan; love Hurtt sketch.

  8. I want a Gen13 Mckelvie book now.

  9. "Is that a power lantern in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" Seriously people!

  10. The Tony Curtis sketch is wonderful. Kudos to Mr. Phillips!

  11. Canete’s style is just too good…

  12. Those sketches by Darwyn and Manapul are great. 

  13. Lovin Asrar’s Alan Scott piece.

    Also Diggin this weeks retro vibe, Powergirl and Batman are pure nostalgia.

  14. Dredd and Nightwing, so awesome.

  15. I saw brian hurtt at a con in st. louis a couple of weeks ago and saw him doing a black knight drawing similar to the wonderman

  16. I’m with the McKelvie Krew….That seems like such a great match and exactly what Gen 13 would need to return.  I wonder what’ll happen with that now.

  17. I want that Nightwing sketch so bad it hurts!

  18. Darwyn Cooke is a master.  Complexity beyond its appearance.  

  19. I stood in line for 3 hours last weekend at the incredibly small Jet City Comics Show, and Francis Manapul was so awesome, super nice, did amazing pieces for everyone–the Nightwing is mine, and I love it oh-so-much! 🙂

  20. I inked that piece, by the way – http://www.flickr.com/photos/mckitten/5033058441/

  21. Man do I want a Phillips sketch/commission.

  22. Trick question: Sean Phillips = God? Answer: OH HELL YES!!!!

  23. A weekly sketch-up with Canete, Cooke, and that gonzo Alan Scott?  Damn, whatta week!

  24. I was at the table next to Francis at Jet City.  I saw him do that Nightwing.  The man has TREMENDOUS energy.  He was basically doing these full color wash sketches all day long. Mostly standing on his feet.  Very much an inspiration!!

  25. He was on his feet at Jet City too?  Seems to be a trend.  He was like that at Fanexpo and apparently at SDCC as well.