Weekly Sketch Up – 09.28.2012

R2-D2 and C3PO by Amancay Nahuelpan-B

Etrigan by Logan Faerber

Hellboy by Matteo Scalera

Skeletor by Skottie Young

Son of the Demon by Axl Salles

Two-Face by Walter Simonson

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Adam Hughes


  1. The Adam Hughes piece is spectacular. I can’t stop staring at it.

  2. Matteo Scalera knocks it out of the park, again!

  3. I can’t pick a favorite, these are all great. Strong week of sketches

  4. That Son of Demon is amazing first I thought it was a photo.

  5. Definitely can’t pick a favorite (again) this week. Love the Skeletor, the League, the Hellboy, love the whole group!

  6. Totally would’ve guessed Sean Murphy on the Hellboy sketch. Scalero’s great.

    But man, that Adam Hughes LoEG. Wow!

  7. LoEG for the win. And I totally thought that hellboy was Murphy’s as well.

  8. Simonson still got it!

  9. Is there anything that Skottie Young can’t make amazing? Anything at all?

  10. Skottie Young is off the charts!!!!! He is quickly becoming one of my favorites….

  11. Just a quick question guys. Are these commissions posted by users or are they submitted to iFanboy by the artists themselves?

  12. I’m so proud of myself that more than half of those I was able to name the artist before looking at who drew it. Go me!

  13. Hughe’s League, Young’s Skeletor, and Scalera’s Hellboy are all amazing.

    Salles’ Son of the Demon isn’t too shabby either, but I like the idea more than the image itself.

  14. I usually don’t love uber-realistic comic art, but I adore that Batman piece by Salles. It strikes me as incredibly…poignant? Does “poignant” apply to pictures? Even if it doesn’t, that’s how it strikes me.

  15. Skottie Young is so great, he needs to be on a He-Man book and a Harry Potter book that would be fantastic, and every other book in the world.

  16. Skottie Young doing a He-Man comic?

    Let it be so!