Weekly Sketch Up – 08.05.2011

Gandalf & Frodo by Dan Hipp


Scarlet and Baroness by Cliff Chiang



Flash by Andy Kuhn



Batwoman by David Aja


Space Ghost by Robert Atkins



Doom Patrol by Gabriel Hardman



Star Trek by Garry Brown



Space Ghost vs. Aliens by Dan McDaid



Batman: Year One by Dustin Nguyen



Wolverine by Sean Murphy


  1. 2 Space Ghost pics?!?! This is the best friday EVER!
    Oh and Space Ghost totaly wins Vs. Aliens (tho a Space Ghost Alien would be awesome!)

  2. That Nguyen image is wonderful

  3. I love this feature.  The artwork never fails to amaze me.  So much talent.

    @edward  Absolutely correct.

  4. I love Dan McDaid’s post about Superman’s new look.

  5. Thank goodness Sean Murphy is DC exclusive, because Id be forced to campaign for him to draw Wolverine monthly

  6. I’ll read anything with sean murphy doing art!

  7. Atkins’ Space Ghost looks BADASS! And Nguyen’s Batman is PERFECT!

    Also love Aja’s Batwoman and Murphy’s Wolvie!

  8. @flakbait  That was in last week’s post, I think.

  9. I really dig Aja’s Batwoman.  The glossy lipstick, the white streaks in the hair, the way her pasty face is absorbed in the negative space.  God, I can’t wait for the Batwoman comic to drop already.

  10. I love Dan Hipp’s work, it’s just great.

  11. I want to give Dan Hipp a hug.

  12. Garry Brown. NICE!

  13. I think my favorite is the Hardman piece, bt all of them are really nice, especially the Aja and Chiang ones.

  14. All are great, but man that Batwoman is amazing. I checked Aja’s site, and there was some great stuff. Well worth a visit, especially for his in-depth info on the Red Skull Incarnate covers he is doing, which have been awesome.

  15. I think Garry Brown is a name we’re going to be seeing a lot more.  He does covers for BOOM! but his sequentials are fantastic.

  16. That Atkins Space Ghost is amazing! And Gabriel Hardman always blows my mind!

  17. Wow that Batwoman is fucking beautiful.

  18. Can’t go wrong with a Batman silhouette.

  19. Sean Murphy you son of a bitch.  wolverine ftw

  20. Wow that Star Trek sketch is fantastic & I’m not even a fan of the older Star Trek

  21. Baroness always has & always will be hotter than Scarlett(must be the specs)

  22. if hardman was doind doom patrol it never would of got cancelled or not one of the 52

  23. Andy Kuhn- Doing so much with so little on that page.

  24. Gandalf: “Quit bogarting the pipe, Frodo. It’s not a microphone.”

    Frodo: “Why is everything violet-tinted?”

  25. I love weekly sketch up and spaceghost, would love to see another spaceghost story, I like the Joe Kelly/Olivetti one a few years back, darker/edgier origin and think its the only spaceghost comic story ever told that i’ve seen or atleast his only origin story, would love to see a solid creative team tackle a new adventure with him on Vertigo in a straight to graphic novel format.