Weekly Sketch Up – 07/23/2010

Harvey Pekar tribute by Andy Kuhn


Recruitment poster by Francesco Francavilla


Aquaman by Dan Hipp


Hulk by Jamie Roberts


Jack-in-the-Box by Chris Samnee


Daredevil by Logan Pack


Sodam Yat by Yildiray Cinar


Ben & Vader by Eric Canete


  1. Canete doing Star Wars!  Awesomeness abounds!

  2. I’d read Star Wars comics if they got artists like Canete to draw them. That’s flippin’ boss!

  3. I’ll take one of each, please.

  4. ooh, that daredevil…

  5. Wow.  I can’t pick just one.  They’re all so good.  I think some of these sketches that have been found since this started should end up on iFanboy t-shirts.  Yes sir, that would be awesome.

  6. That Daredevil sketch sums up Matt Murdock’s character! The color work, the style, the technique & the facial expression, AMAZING!

  7. These are all gorgeous!

  8. Love that Pekar. Sodam Yat is awesome too (despite his Daken haircut and the cape). But Ben and Vader takes my vote. You add Star Wars to any mix, and chances are it’s gonna be my favorite. Plus, Canete always delivers an eyegasm.

  9. truly phenomenal pics this week!

  10. Proud owner of the Samnee Jack in the Box.

  11. Get Canete on Star Wars! I wish there was a series similar to the old Star Wars Tales book, an anthology for artist to cut loose on,

  12. Amaaazing sketches. Best I’ve seen since I started viewing this site.