Weekly Sketch Up – 06/11/2010

Freddie Mercury Captain Marvel by Mike Norton


Elektra by Eric Canete

Harley Quinn by Joe Quinones


Fastball Special by Khary Randolph

Baby X-Men by Skottie Young


Zatanna by Dustin Nguyen, Karl Story, and Laura Martin

Captain America by Gabriel Hardman

Friendly Venom by Ryan Ottley


Taskmaster vs. Karate Kid by Mike Hawthorne


  1. Love the Ryan Ottley and Skottie Young art.

  2. Man I would love to see Ottley on Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. That venom looks awesome.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Baby Magneto and Baby Cyclops are pretty effing rad. 

  4. Woohoo. This is awesome.


    A great game to play is to try to guess whose art it is before you see the name.

  5. "Another great Hardman sketch." I can comfortably say that every week.

    I’m also very fond of the Baby X-Men picture… but nothing can top Freddie Mercury. Maximum points.

  6. I honestly love all of the sketches this week. Just can’t pick which one I like more.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hardman does some of the absolute best pinup sketches in the business. 

  8. The Captain America one is beautiful and the X-Men Babies makes me want one!

  9. Absolutly love the Skottie Young sketch. I also quite like the Eric Canete one.

  10. Holy Crap, Skottie, Eric Cantete, Fastball Special, Gabe Hardman’s Cap.  All awesome stuff.

  11. Always great to see how many talanted people work in the field. Nice to see two of my absolutely favourite artists, Young and Ottley, among them this week.

  12. OMG that dustin Nguyen sketch… AMAZING

  13. Freddy Mercury Captain Marvel made me laugh so hard when it popped up on Twitter.

  14. friendly venom seems like if the Tick had the symbiote suite on. SPOOOOOOON!!!!

  15. Hot damn what a great week for sketches. I love them all, but Freddie Mercury and the X-babies are probably my favorites.

  16. Oh wow, great selection this week! Love Scottie Young’s baby x-men, and the Zatanna sketch is pretty sweet. And who doesn’t love a fastball special?

  17. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    The Elektra art is unbelievable.  Well done, Canete.

  18. Man Eric Canete is simply amazing.

  19. Ryan Ottley just makes me smile.

  20. If Skottie Young can do an X-Babies titles, I might read it. So adorable.

    Plus epic win for the Freddy Mercury Shazam. Another comic I would read if it were made. 

  21. I love art!!   😀 

  22. LMAO! @ THE baby x-men. I love it. Magneto and Deadpool are especially good.

    Skottie Young is DEFINETLY one of the more talented artists. He doesn’t capture an image he captures an essence when he draws. It’s down right scary.


    Elektra: Now why haven’t I heard about this Eric Canete

    person? He should have been the artist on that 98 Encyclopedia of the Marvel Universe, it had a similar style but Canete clearly executes it better.

    Zatanna: Yeah that’s about the right size of Zatanna’s head.

    Friendly Venom?: O_o… wtf? I think I’m a little more afraid of this venom than the Mac Gargan iteration. I’m pretty certain that’s Eddie Brock, after all he had the same scary "friendly" front towards Parker when in another’s presence.

    Taskmaster v. karate kid: That’s a tough fight. I think Taskmaster wins since he’s copying karate kid and wouldn’t tire as noted in Avengers: The Intiative 30-35.

    These artists make me want to draw, but I draw bad. Oh well I hope you, the ifancommunity, can critique my bad drawings should I get the guts to show them on the webs.

  23. Canete’s Elektra sketch is the hotness, and I would totally buy a baby X-Men book by Skottie Young. 

  24. Oh my God Gabe Hardman is awesome!!! And Eric Canaete? I want to see him on Daredevil

  25. bigyanks cant agree with you more. I saw the sketch and immediately thought SPOOOON! Great picks this week I love all of them. But especially the Ottley and Young

  26. Like Josh said in this week’s podcast, I don’t want Ottley’s work to ever diminish on Invincible, but I would buy literally anything else he would work on. 

    That Venom sketch is ridiculous fun! Even-though I get Invincible in issues I always browse through the back-matter in the trades to see Ottley’s gorgeous pencils/marker sketches and his touch of humor.

    Also.  That Elektra by Cantete is excellent!

  27. Venom Tick?!? Awesomeness!

  28. i hope Gabriel Hardman publishes a sketchbook of all these

  29. i agree with the Eric Canete love. i have his blog bookmarked. he has some awesome stuff.

  30. As an expecting father, I shudder to think of baby-proofing a house with baby Wolverine around.

    "Logan stuck his claw in the power socket again!" 

    "Sigh. You get him a new shirt. I’ll get the Fabreeze."

  31. Scottie Young’s Deadpool KICKS ASS!

  32. Khary Randolph is doing some awesome art on Starborn right now