Weekly Sketch Up – 06/03/2010

Here's the best of the web in sketches over the past week.  Weep you wannabes!


Zombie Savage Dragon by Sean Phillips


Dr. Girlfriend by Eric Canete


Batman by Nic Klein


Buddha Hulk by Gade

Kang by Gabriel Hardman

Tarzan by Chris Samnee


Wolverine by Ryan Ottley


Jim Rugg's Childhood Heroes by Jim Rugg


  1. Mmmmm.

    Well, Nic Klein’s Batman is the clear standout here. I love how Arkham is framed as his head. The implications of madness are delicious.

  2. Budda HUlk – alot of ass in that illo.  All it need is an auto-tuner and were set.

  3. Buddha Hulk looks so awesome but its Ryan Ottley’s Wolverine that wins for me that guy has got to do some Marvel work at some point in the near future!

  4. No one draws blood splatter better than Ryan Ottley.

  5. Jiminy Christmas there’s some sweet art this week!

    Canete’s Dr. Girlfriend as Lady Au Pair with her Murderous Moppets is the unmitigated shit.

    Rugg’s piece needs to be iFanboy’s next creator shirt pronto quick. 

    Shit, everyone’s stuff this week is awesome.  Proof that uncolored art can be every bit as awesome as its colored counterpart. 

  6. Awesome stuff!

  7. This mgiht be my favorite segment each week. Love Hardman’s Kang. And that Rugg sketch is spot on. I grew up loving pretty much every one of those characters (even Lobo).

  8. Jim Rugg’s skecth is not only awesome, but also true.

  9. Excellent choices this week!

  10. I saw the Jim Rugg one, then scrolled down, and busted out laughing, Very nice!

  11. This is possibly the most awesome edition of this feature yet.  The Batman?  How could this not be a cover?  The Hulk one is amazing in a completely different way and Chris Samnee use of light and shadow is more breath taking than usual.  Amazing, amazing stuff.  The only one that didn’t blow me away was the Sean Philips Dragon but that was obviously a quick sketch and still full of power.

     And the Hellboy geek in me is compelled to point out to Jim Rugg that it’s the Right Hand of Doom.  Hilarious none the less.

  12. Love that Batman piece!

  13. Jim Rugg is MY childhood hero.

  14. @Genghis… I absolutely second your suggestion that Jim Rugg’s piece REALLY needs to be the next iFanboy creator t-shirt!!! You reading this Conor, Josh and Ron? Pretty please?

  15. Eric Canete’s Dr. Girlfriend is just too much fun.

  16. Now I want more Buddha Heroes!!!!


  17. Epic win for the Dr. Girlfriend sketch! Love the inclusion of her Moppets.

    Buddha Hulk is also badass and I’d love to see an actual carpet made in that style. 

  18. Nic Klein’s Batman sketch is in my head forever, and that’s a good thing. I want to marry the Jim Rugg sketch.

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Blown away by Klein’s Batman and Gade’s Hulk. Goodness grapefruits! 

  20. Drool….

  21. WOW all of those were great

  22. Legion of Doom…AAAAAHHHHH What A Rush!

  23. Klein’s is great, but I gotta go with Rugg’s. Seein all those guys in the same sketch is boneriffic.

  24. Really dig the Klein but I think the Samnee takes it. Outstanding Post to