Weekly Sketch Up – 04/22/2010

Art calls!


Stargirl by Franco

Stargirl by Franco (from @wonderali)


Mick Foley by Jill Thompson

Hawkman and Atom by Jeff Lemire

Hawkman and Atom by Jeff Lemire

Starman by Jeffrey Cruz (from @kahunablair)



Bullseye and Punisher by Chris Samnee


Allen the Alien as Rick Grimes by Ryan Ottley (from @kahunablair)

Batgirl by Dave Johnson (from @kahunablair)


We need your help!  Throughout the week, as you see great sketches, send us the links via Twitter to @iFanboy.  We'll link your Twitter account, and the blog of the artist.


  1. Franco is such a good artist. All kids in any comic book should be as cute as that.

    Plus, holy shit can Jeff Lemire draw superheroes. He needs to do art for The Atom co-feature and not just the story.

  2. Absolutly love the Jeffrey Cruz Starman sketch. The Lemire one is really nice as well.

  3. Stargirl one is awesome.  I gotta say though the boots on the Batgirl sketch look a little odd.

  4. D’awwww, Stargirl!

    Also, while the Starman picture looks great, I do have to wonder… why red?

  5. That Jeff Lemire pic is unlike anything I’ve seen him do before, it’s fantastic.

  6. Batgirl brings a whole new meaning to "cankle"

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That Starman is awesome! Love the thatched background. 

    The Mick Foley is really cool too. At first I thought it was Jabbar from Parenthood.  

  8. have to disagree with everyone on that Lemire Hawkman and Atom sketch. I feel its a really ugly over stylization. 

    I like his "regular stuff" so much better…if it ain’t broke…

  9. The "Cankle" thing with Dave Johnson’s work is a style he seems to really enjoy drawing when it comes time for him to just have fun. His gallery is full of similar stuff. I’m a fan of it if only because you look at those pictures and instantly know it’s his work.

    Cruz’s thatch look is a great work around for con sketches. He seems to have started trying it out recently and I for one love it. That Starman is definitely the best of the bunch, but you can see a smattering of his other sketches here: http://lastscionz.deviantart.com/art/SUPANOVA-MELBOURNE-2010-161127560

     I love Franco’s sketches.  Everytime someone posts them on Twitter I get all tingly inside.

  10. @Slockhart: LMFAO!!!

  11. @kahunablair jeez you basically put this entire column together yourself!

    I’d kill my own grandmother for that Lemire sketch

  12. Look at that bat that’s in love with batgirl’s ass:D. I don’t like the Atom’s face on the Jeff Lemiresketch. He looks like a suprised alien.

  13. Stargirl is adorable!

    And Allen the Alien as Rick Grimes?  Might be the best thing I’ve seen.  Like, ever.

  14. I’m confused I thought Art Baltazar does the tiny titans? and Franco just writes?

  15. That Allen sketch is hilarious. Love Ryan’s work.

  16. Dave Johnson rules!

  17. @GLNancy – They do work like that normally, but Franco has drawn stuff for it as well. They have very similar styles.

  18. Dig the Mick Foley sketch, but shouldn’t he be missing half an ear? Have a nice day! Bang Bang!

  19. I wish I could get into Jeff Lemire’s art.  It’s just not my thing and everyone has the scared eyes and crazy looking faces.  

  20. With all of Johnsons cover work being so design-heavy, I tend to forget he is a great penciler as well.