Weekly Sketch Up – 04/09/2010

We've gathered the best in sketches from the comics world from the past week, and now you may gaze upon them in wonder!


Jim Lee Catwoman iPad

Catwoman by Jim Lee (done on an iPad)


The Thing Francisco Francavilla

The Thing by Francesco Francavilla


Sinestro by Ethan Van Sciver (from @Miguel_A_Perez)


Lobo by Yildiray Cinar

Lobo by Yildiray Cinar (from @CharlesP1138)


Jonah Hex by Blair Campbell.


Beta Ray Bill by Gabriel Hardman


Nightcrawler by David Lopez (via 5 Minute Marvels)


We need your help!  Throughout the week, as you see great sketches, send us the links via Twitter to @iFanboy.  We'll link your Twitter account, and the blog of the artist.


  1. Nice.  These are all fantastic-looking — Hardman, particularly, has rapidly shot to the top of my ‘buy anything he draws’ list.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Let’s go ahead and declare Francesco Francavilla and Yildiray Cinar the kings of comic art on Twitter. They seem to post an astonishing "warm-up doodle" every day. Here’s to Twitter for introducing me to both of these guys, now at the top of my favorite artist list. 

    Blair’s been doing some incredible character designs on his Tumblr as well. Every day! Give them all a look! The color/finish on that Hex image is so awesome. It’s like being murdered by a N.C. Wyeth painting! 

    Oh, and that badass Beta Ray Bill? I totally bought that from Mr. Hardman yesterday. 

  3. Why, oh why, oh why isn’t Francavilla doing more stuff with greater exposure?  He’s amazing, and has a style that sets him apart from anything else out there at present.  I repsect him if he is doing what he wants, but I remember loving his Scalped stuff (no slight to the awesomeness of Guera) and I think he ought to be allowed pretty much any work he wants.  I’d love Batman drawn by him, and maybe written by Jason Aaron (if he wasn’t Marvel exclusive).

  4. This might be my favorite of all the new features on the site.  Jim Lee might be a regular with all the great stuff he’s done on his iPad.  My favorite is Hardman’s Beta Ray Bill.

  5. Yildiray Cinar is on my short list for sketches to get at C2E2. Can’t wait to see him on Legion of Superheroes. It’s gonna be the bee’s knees.

  6. That The Thing sketch is absolutely gorgeous. Love it.

  7. And I thought I couldn’t love Beta Ray Bill any more…

  8. Cocky, aspiring young artist: You’ll see! You’ll all see. I’m going to be the next Jim Lee!

    Jim Lee: Hey, guys, look what I drew. Look what I drew the week I first got my iPad, with my finger.

    Young artist: Oh. Well, maybe not, then. Time to go get a job at a car wash.

  9. All of those are awesome especially the Hex and Thing.

  10. That Sinestro piece is mesmerizing.  I can’t stop looking at those eyes.

  11. Yay Blair!

  12. Cinar’s been one of my underappreciated favorites for years now, since his work on Noble Causes and, more recently, Dynamo 5. Definitely one to watch for in the future, and hey, if he wants to draw more Lobo, I’ll buy it.

    Francavilla’s been killing it on Zorro. Highly recommended book.

    Who is this Blair Campbell guy, how have I not noticed him before, and can anyone forward this sketch to DiDio/Pallimotti/Grey and get his ass an issue of Hex to do? Please?


  13. Scrolling down, I at first thought the Thing was Darkseid… I guess I’m used for his rocky design to be more clearly defined. Still, looks great.

    And the Sinestro is especially awesome.

  14. That Sinestro is fantastic! The way Francavilla drew the Thing is perfect. It’s always hard to figure out just how detailed you want to go with his rocky hide, but he did it perfectly. 

    Jim Lee also did a Wonder Woman that was good, but not as great as the Catwoman. In the artist community everyone is clamoring to see what kind of artwork is going to come out of the iPad. Outside of reading on it, drawing is the major reason I want to get one.


  15. Francesco Francavilla has become one of my favorite artists. I really dig Zorro, which I never thought I’d say, but I’d love to see him on some Marvel and/or DC books!

  16. Gabe’s Beta Ray Bill is sick. AWESOME!

  17. Hot damn, I love that Lobo sketch. Yildiray is an amazing artist. I’m certain he will be getting a lot more attention once the Legion book hits the shelves.

    And I’m quite happy with that Sinestro sketch I got. I was just blown away by how gorgeous it is. Easily the pride and joy of my sketch book 😀

  18. The Thing drawing shows what I think can be a disconnect between the way the Thing should be drawn and the way he has been for many years. I think he works best as a character when his more monsterous appearance is contrasted with his friendly and warm personality. I think he’s been drawn too smooth and not intimidating enough for too long.  

  19. @KahunaBlair Jim Lee also did this really creepy looking Joker on his Ipad this week. With the Wonder Woman I thought it was really cool how he posted the different stages of his drawing proccess on the Ipad. It was cool to see it come together.

  20. @DeadpoolFan1 you beat me to it!!

  21. My first thought is never a Lobo sketch. But Cinar makes me want to get a Lobo poster with his artwork. Same with that Thing sketch, holy god that is beautiful. 

  22. Awesome stuff!

  23. Jim Lee also did a Wonder Woman on ipad. Man doing hose tones really are a bitch on a touchscreen. Respect man!

    Matt Kindt did a Sweet Tooh painting for Jeff Lemire thats worth a mention:


  24.  @Crin You are absolutely right! I completely forgot his Joker. Sadly he lost his original design when his app crashed. The Joker with the "Ha Ha Ha" in the background was really going to be epic.

  25. Those be some gooooood sketches right there.

  26. That is one mighty fine looking Hex Blair!

  27. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just got the Beta Ray Bill sketch in the mail! Really rad seeing all the detail.