Weekly Sketch Up – 04/02/2010

More sketches for you mad band of art fiends.


Frog Thor from Walt Simonson. From Chris @Eliopoulos


Afrodisiac by Mike Dawson.


Johnny and Jesse Quick by Matt Kindt.


Batgirl by Doug Hills.


Zatanna by Mitch Breitweiser.


Archie by Mike Hawthorne.


We need your help!  Throughout the week, as you see great sketches, send us the links via Twitter to @iFanboy.  We'll link your Twitter account, and the blog of the artist.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Daaaaaamn, Doug rocked that Batgirl sketch. My reaction is decidedly covetous. 

  2. Is it just me or does Mr. Eliopoulos’s Frog Thor looks kinda like the Frog from Super Mario Bros. 2 (not intended as a slight of any kind)?

    I love that Zatanna sketch. 

  3. i love the zatana sketch. and the Archie one is hilarious.

  4. That batgirl sketch is amazing.

  5. I’m going to be laughing at that Archie sketch all day.

  6. Yes to Doug Hills’ Batgirl. I love it.

    And I like how gangly Mike Dawson drew Nixon. He looks like a human daddy-longlegs.

    Oh, and Walt Simonson’s Frog Thor? That’s just fun. 

  7. Now I know what the world of Archie looks like according to the creators of "Oz."  Scary.

  8. The Zatanna sketch is bad ass.

  9. Those are all great. Love the Zatanna, I want the Archie (Jughead always was a bitch), Simonson doing arguably his most interesting character, Spiro Agnew as an ass-kicker (makes me laugh), nice perspective on the Batgirl, any Matt Kindt is great Matt Kindt – very nice picks.

  10. That Batgirl is awesome!!

  11. Ditto for the Batgirl image on the awesome stakes. Lovely forced perspective on the boot. Zatanna and Frog Thor are ace too.

  12. I’m glad people are liking that Batgirl sketch. Definitely the biggest reaction to one of my Daily-ish Sketches so far. 🙂

    If you have other suggestions for daily sketches, hit me up on Twitter (@HavokDH). They’ve been a great start to the day, and am always up for ideas.

  13. I LOVE the Batgirl sketch. Too…many…suggestions…! 🙂

    The Zatanna looks like the perfect cover to a one-shot or mini-series.

    My mouth fell open when I realized that Jugghead is the prison bitch in the Archie sketch. That’s just…wow. Probably got a swastika on his ass and everything. 🙂


  14. That Batgirl sketch is majorly awesome, but seeing Breitweiser’s Zatanna reminds me that he doesn’t draw enough comics (or at least comics that I’m aware of/read).  Someone give that man a job!

  15. I want that Batgirl sketch!

  16. HaHa! THe prison guard has a RIP Reggie Mantle tatoo! Guess we know what Arch did to get locked up!

  17. Love the simmering tension of the Matt Kindt sketch…mmm…brooding…

  18. Best series of sketches yet. Good to see I’m not alone in my love for that Batgirl sketch, I was wowed by it when I first saw it then scrolled down and saw everyone else’s reaction to it. It’s beautiful! That Quick family sketch is amazing as well.

  19. That Archie sketch reminds me of Wayne’s World. “Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny?”

  20. That Batgirl makes me want to see a whole Batgirl jam somewhere. It’s a great costume, kudos to whoever came up with the design.

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @flakbait – Smuckers offers a sort of Batgirl and apricot preserve. Not so much a jam, but great on a bit of toast. 

  22. this is quickly becoming my favorite ifanboy weekly post.

    makes me want to send a copy of a sketch to one of the online t-shirt sites that let you provide your own image