Weekly Sketch Up – 01.25.2013

akira_kalleTetsuo by Kalle Malloy


Batman by Logan Pack

joker_DanielKrallJoker by Daniel Krall


Margot Tenenbaum by Logan Faerber


Rooster Cogburn by Evan “Doc” Shaner

supergirl_batgirl_mikemaihackSupergirl and Batgirl by Mike Maihack


The Hobbit by Dan Hipp


X-Men by Kristafer Anka


  1. Really dig the Supergirl/Bathirl pic! That one is great fun!

  2. I really like the Supergirl & Batgirl pairing, though my favorite might be the Margo — such expressive use of color . . .

  3. That’s a fantastic Margot. Wonderful.

  4. Loving the Joker/Harley and Supergirl/Batgirl pieces. Also the Rooster Cogburn, but that’s partially because True Grit is my favorite Western.

  5. Kris Anka is my king. Dan Hipp is my jester. I realise this is a weird analogy. They are both great.

  6. That Batman “sketch” is fantastic. Guy’s kinda got a Paul Pope thing going on, huh?

  7. Wow, killer week. You see a lot of Batman shots, as time goes by. You see one that grabs you, you make a mental note. Me, personally, I’ve just made a mental note.