Webcomic: The Gastometrist – Part 7

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The Gastometrist was written by Xeric award winner Jason McNamara and illustrated Tony Talbert and was originally presented in a limited mini-comic run. This is the first time it’s appeared collected on the web.

Over the next 2 months we will present another part of the story, so be sure to come back every Tuesday to watch to see if a lovesick gastrointestinal hitman can find romance in the big city? Or will love shit him out?

If you like this, you might want to check out Jason’s latest book, The Martian Confederacy with the Eisner nominated Paige Braddock. You can find out more at: http://themartianconfederacy.com/


  1. Wow. THe Gastrometrist has some weird eyes. This was a good payoff. Are there more parts to come?

  2. haha. this comic is amazing! i can manipulate my own bodily gasses pretty well. i cook primarily with dutch-ovens.