WayneTech Sells to the Russians!

It’s not really even a story, but Vladimir Putin clearly knows that criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot.

Scroll down for the strangest picture I’ve seen all day.

Thanks to Gaumer for the tip. “Yo yo yo!”

See, that’s the kinda stuff we’ve got to do. That and hand out Green Lantern rings to the armed forces. Maybe the Arab world wouldn’t hate us nearly as much if we only used giant cartoon boxing gloves to subdue insurgents.


  1. Holy Weapons of Mass Destruction Batman!!

  2. Haven’t we told you people about tired comic book cliches here?!

  3. Well if Gaumer can get away with using a tired pop culture cliche phrase such as “Yo”….there has to be room for some of the other.

  4. The Rings would be a good Idea for the middle east…but you´ll have to rethink the strategy for north korea…. and to add.

    Thank god i have my anti-polonium spray in my trustworthy utility belt.

  5. You’ve got me there.

    But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.


  6. What was the voltaire saying? I´m totally opposed to the use of tired comic cliches…but I would give my life for your right to say them…hmmm that´s not right.

  7. what the who the

    let’s play this straight for a second:

    what is their explanation for that? why does their logo look so much like batman’s? Is this the work of bootleg fanboys?

    It would scare the shit out of me if the cia incorporated batman into their logo. Not cuz oooh it’s batman, batman scary but because why the fuck aren’t serious people placed in these serious jobs while they do serious things?

  8. Apparently that is not the only place the batman symbol is found in that place. Check this link out:


  9. I just love the look on Putin’s face, like it surprised him.

  10. shouldn’t it?

  11. So, according to the link……in the past they had the batman 60’s logo and now they have the updated to the WB version? this has to be a joke.

  12. I never would have guessed Batman would turn commie. I thought Ollie would be revealed to be a pinko spy. His sidekick is now calling himself “Red” Arrow. Huh?

    Is this thing on?

    I am keeping an eye on Flash. What color is that body sock? Crimson? I don’t know.

  13. look for them all in red menace #2

    maybe it’ll make it readable

  14. I think you’re right Dave Graham. Red Arrow, Red Tornado, batman working for Mother Russia. The JLA has turned into the Socialist Peoples Assembly for Justice and I won’t stand for it damnit!

  15. The weirdest thing is how Putin has re-recorded the old Adam West teme song with the singers yelling out ‘Putin!’ in place of ‘Batman’. And now they play that kind of like we play ‘Hail to the Chief’.

  16. He is in Japan too! Although, they call him “But-man.”


  17. He is in Japan too! Although, they call him “But-man.”

    And Bad-man. And Bat-man. I’d love to see a full translation of that. Its all over the place.

  18. “Yo!” is, in fact, tired and cliched. But “Yo, yo, yo!” is in a revival period culturally and I am planning on copyrighting the term soon.

  19. sometimes i say it to be ironic

    that’s just the way i roll bitch

  20. OMG maybe Batman’s real!!!!!!!!!!!!