Watch WALKING DEAD First Episode Online on AMC

Were you not one of the record number of viewers two watch the Walking Dead premiere last week?  Did you just want to watch it again?  Good news! Episode #101 "Days Gone By" is streaming for free on for a limited time. 

See Rick suffer!


  1. Wow.  I cannot believe it’s actually watchable in Canada.  Me love AMC long time!

  2. Now that’s good marketing.  AMC is firing on all cylinders. 

  3. i just came back from my break to find this, if only it was posted BEFORE my break… curses…. who am i kidding, im going to watch it anyway

  4. @ HBD  – I was able to get it from Canadian itunes.

    – Ok, this next comment might get me in trouble, and I don’t know if this is the appropriate thread.  I’ve read the first 12 issues of the series and watched the first episode.  Does anyone else find the themes kind of sexist?  I know that early scene with Shane and Rick was supposed to portray Shane as a misogynist ass, but it’s more than that.  The message seems to be that as soon as the world goes to hell, we give up on all pretence of men and women having roles according to personality and skill, and not gender.

    Men hunt and protect.   Women do laundry and don’t know how to work CB radios.  There’s more.

    Anyone else notice this?  Is this addressed later?

    I enjoyed the show and the series, but this is something that really bugs me.  I didn’t go past issue 12 for that reason.  And I freaking love zombies.

  5. @TheLaw: I think you need to read further into the series. Two of the most kick ass people in the book are women. I don’t find it sexist at all.

  6. @thelaw

     Google image the cover to issue 19. Question answered. Not Sexist.

  7. i agree with conor, tim will show you your answer

  8. OK for the few people who missed it the first time around, GO. WATCH. NOW!!!

  9. Not sure wether to watch it on the AMC site through a Proxy, or wait ’till Friday when it airs on FX. Decisions, decisions…

  10. WHOO HOO! I can actually watch it!

  11. @thelaw – Andrea and Michonne would beg to differ.

  12. Is this in HD? all i get on my cable provider is AMC in standard def, and this show was awesome on SD, i really want to watchit in HD.

  13. HELP! When is this coming to the UK?


  14. Damn . . .

    What rule did I break?

    Just want to know so I don’t do it again.

  15. hahahaha, nevermind

    I just read the Negativity is TOO Damn High article . . .

    Love The Walking Dead more than almost any other comic, but I also don’t feel the need to defend it from criticisms (many found in the books letter section) that have some validity.

    When you write realistic books about human behavior, they won’t be politically correct cuz that isn’t reality.

  16. @ScorpionMasada – "When you write realistic books about human behavior, they won’t be politically correct cuz that isn’t reality."  Perfectly stated and typically true.  However, I agree with Conor, I don’t see a lot of sexism in The Walking Dead.  I’d argue the most interesting, skilled, and impressive character in the book is female.

  17. @ScorpionMasada: No, that wasn’t it. You posted specific character spoilers.

  18. Oh, cool. Thought I pissed you guys off.

    How we handling spoilers now? Thought it was fair to "spoil" once a book was released?

    I don’t worry about spoilers cuz I want the strength of a story to carry a comic not some twists and turns.

    However, there is one book that I do try to avoid spoilers on and it is The Walking Dead cuz stakes is really high unlike in most other comics.

    I don’t think Robert Kirkman is sexist. I’d mention what I mentioned before, stuclach, but I can’t . . .

    Shakespeare "spoiled" Romeo & Juliet within the first ten lines.

  19. @ScorpionMasada: WALKING DEAD is a special case. No one talks about spoilers for that book because so many people read it in so many different ways. Plus, now there’s the show.

  20. @ScorpionMasada – I get you.  I didn’t see your deleted post.  Didn’t mean to imply you thought he was sexist.  I think I was agreeing with you.

    I agree that The Walking Dead deserves special treatment regarding spoilers.  The twists seem so essential to the storytelling (somehow more than in the majority of other books).

  21. Cuz when someone goes they go.

    When said superhero goes, he comes back.

    I’m with you, guys.

    I don’t think this is a spoiler though (I hope). One of my favorite aspect of the book was when one character wanted to refashion the nuclear family. I thought it was brilliant what Kirkman was doing. A friend saw it as a sexist male fantasy and completely unrealistic. My counterargument was that in the world of the Walking Dead it made perfect sense. It was more of an animal/alpha male model with a human intellect providing a rationale for it.

    And the other character’s reaction was an irrational attempt to hold onto outdated traditions/morality.

    That made the scene even more perfect.

    Love this book!

    (not a spoiler I hope)

  22. Oh yeah, and the TV show rules.

    I’m watching it again on AMC tomorrow night.

  23. @Connor and @SChambers – I’ll pick up the second hardcover – I think it’s issues 13-24, and see.  I don’t want to be negative – I like the series, this just distracted me so much in the first 12, and a bit in the premiere of the show. 

    And in keeping with Josh’s no negativity article, I have a question.  If I in fact read read on and still have the same opinion, do I keep it to myself, articulate it somewhere else, or is ifanboy an appropriate forum to post something more detailed?

  24. @theLaw – There’s always room on iFanboy for intelligent discussion.  "There are so many things I like about this comic but they’re negated by the sexism," with examples is a discussion starter.  "This comic has never done anything for me." is not.

    But the strong females in the storyline should not disappoint you. 

  25. As to spoilers, some people read it in hardcover and people are constantly picking the first trade.  It’s the twists, cliffhangers and dramatic reveals that continue to drop the jaws of readers around the world.

    Curiously, this isn’t just an iFanboy thing.  Several podcasts I listen to put The Walking Dead in a special category. 

  26. @theLaw: if you choose to continue reading TWD, you’ll see there’s no sexism in kirkman’s writing. as stated by others, two of the most kick ass characters (they develop as the story continues) are women. keep in mind, though, there are situations that occur in TWD that will challenge you. great writing will do that.

  27. This would have been the most kick-ass episode 1 of a t.v show I have ever seen, if I wasn’t so familiar with the source material. Knowing the comic took me out of it.

  28. What, Smallville gets a weekly topic but the Walking Dead doesn’t?

  29. @NawidA: It gets a Monday morning RECAP. From the first one:

    "We were able to get this recap up quickly due to the advance copy of the premiere episode of The Walking Dead that was sent out to various media outlets. In the future you can look forward to Paul’s recaps and Walking Dead discussion and analysis every Monday morning here on We hope you’ll join us, it should be a lot of fun!"

  30. @conor

    Cool, that seems to be the better way of doing it, anyway.