Watch for Were-Bears at Moon Lake

Been looking to get away from one kind of fang based story, and getting into another.  Check out Moon Lake, the new original graphic novel hardcover from Archaia Studios Press, shipping in October.

It's a kind of anthology, centered around the shores of Moon Lake, in the spirit of classic EC horror comics.  Spearheaded by actor Dan Fogler (who you will recognize when you see his picture), the book features writing by Dan Fogler, Brian Holguin, Stef Hutchinson, Blake Leibel, Tim Seeley, R.H. Stavis and Nick Tapalansky, and is illustrated by Tommy Castillo, Jim Daly, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Robbi Rodriguez and Jeffrey Zornow.

But now, take a look at this short story, "Black Bear Blues" written by Stef Hutchinson and Jim Daly, which is featured in the book.




  1. Holy shit!…pre-ordered 

  2. Ow…

  3. I feel kind of disgusted they used the Tim Treadwell persona and near direct quotes from him, considering he was a real person who died by bear attack and was documented by Werner Herzog in Grizzly Man.

  4. I didn’t write it, but they did note that the story was a spoof on Grizzly Man. Now, whether you think that’s an OK thing or not, is up to you. But yes, that was the intention.

  5. Yeah even if it’s as a spoof that is a horrible thing to witness on those first two pages.

    Whatever your feelings are on the guy about living with bears; the man did die horribly and his family/friends still mourn over his death.

    I’m all for spoofs, but those two pages really crosses the line. 

  6. I want Werner Herzog to do a documentary about the making of this book. Make it happen Herzog

  7. This art is awesome and gruesome

  8. It’s so rare for a new breed of awesome to emerge these days… But this is it.