Warner Brothers Gears up for Green Lantern 2 and The Flash!

Slashfilm reports that Warner Brothers is currently counting their chickens in a special egg-safe facility.

Following the massive forthcoming success of the first Green Lantern film, due out in summer 2011, the studio has tapped screenwriters Greg Berlanti (Everwood), Michael Green (NBC's Kings), and Marc Guggenheim (Law & Order, comics) to develop a sequel.

The same writers are also set to script a movie based on The Flash.

An extended metaphor:

"Sandy? Would you consider possibly maybe going out on a date with me?"

"Let me think about it."

"Cool. I'd also like you to consider a second date a few nights later."

"Sherman, I think that would largely depend on my level of enjoyment on the first date."

"I thought girls liked confidence."

"Where appropriate, sure."

"Perfect. Now. Let's go ahead and pencil in a threesome for next week."


I'm thrilled for Warner Brothers' exuberance and zeal at the existing dailies for the first Green Lantern film. Their confidence in the creative team is a lovely sign. I do wish I could join them in this fervor, but everything is still beneath a big green curtain. So any kind of mirth is tinged with deep anxiety. Because this is a gamble. It's rolling the dice a second time before the first pair even hits the felt. As for the Flash news, I'm excited that one of my favorite characters is finally hitting the big screen. That said, even if these three writers are the new wonder boys, I think the big question is the timeline. You have to believe that they want to roll this thing out as quickly as possible, while the Iron Man's still hot. But given that the writing team is slated to write a Green Lantern sequel as well, how does that affect the time frame? Why not hand off the reins to The Flash or GL2 to another capable writer or writing team? Speeds things up a little, right? Maybe ensures that the team doesn't have too much on their plate, right?

What say thee, iFanbase? Brave move? Bold move? Imminent crisis?


  1. Well, if it is a writing disaster, I look forward to a Geoff Johns scripted movie that’ll retcon out the stuff we liked the least from these films. Of course, it’ll be 2018 by that point, but it’ll happen.

    Seriously though, how much input is Johns getting into these productions? While he’s not scripting himself, does his new-found position at DC allow him to bend the directors’ or screenwriters’ ears?

    In either case, I do comics that Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim have done, so I’m optimistic.

  2. I’m guessing it won’t cost WB much to have these guys write a screenplay. If the cost is relatively low and they are confident that the first one is looking good enough to warrant a sequel, then this move makes sense.

    It looks like it costs a couple of million (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screenwriter's_salary) for a screenplay.  That is a drop in the bucket for these big budget movies.

    Paul and his threesomes… Imminent crisis, indeed! 

  3. Weird. The Flash announcement is good news. The GL2 announcement is jumping the gun a bit. I’m optimistic about the team assigned to the first one, but they’re not even done shooting for Christ’s sake. The bummer of all this is the fact that the same writing team is attached. So if you can’t stand the script for the first GL movie, chances are you’re gonne be disappointed with the next two DC movies. Can’t we give someone else a turn? Variety is the spice of life after all.

  4. I think this is probably a double-reaction to both their own massive franchise winding down (Harry Potter) as well as a sideways glance at Marvel’s box-office success. One successful super-hero property in their corner does not a JLA make (or even a consistent bi-yearly grosser, at the rate at which Nolan puts his movies together).  It’s just Warner Brothers trying to get a larger piece of the superhero pie, and not, I don’t think, indicative of the confidence they place in their creative team. Nothing against Berlanti, Green or Marc Guggenheim.

  5. Why not hand off the reigns to The Flash or GL2 to another capable writer or writing team?  

    That is exactly whats going to happen. Those guys are only writing one script. They’re writing two treatments, and handing off one of the the scripts for others to write. I suppose that should ease your concern about timeframes.

     Its mostly a matter of which script they intend to write themselves. I would guess GL2 for the sake of consistency in the franchise.

  6. this is kinda of par for the course for blockbuster movies. You often hear about stars being signed to multiple picture deals before the first one is shot and sequels being written and production starting before opening weekend of the first movie. HOWEVER, lots of these things get canned (Plant of the Apes) due to box office flops. They just need to jump the gun knowing how long it takes to put something in production. Also i see this as a good sign for the GL movie. The studio has obviously seen enough of it and think its going to be really good if they are thinking sequel. 

    Writing screenplays are still expensive. WGA minimums are more than most of us make in a year, and these are seasoned writers who have pretty healthy fees….but to a studio a few hundred thousand is pocket change.  

  7. These projects are developed to be franchises.  It’s almost like starting a TV series.  Having a script ready for a sequel will shrink the time between movies.   As far as money, the writers would probably negotiate for a higher fee after a hit movie.   Also, scripts are written and rewritten that never see the screen.  There’s more upside than downside in this. 

  8. Given DC’s history of having films cancelled whilst still in the "maybe" stage, I’m living in denial that there’s even gonna be ONE Green Lantern film. This haze of doubt will not be lifted until I’m sat there in the cinema, watching it all unfold. Or maybe when the trailer goes online…

  9. Guggenheim? That’s not good…

    Very bold on WB’s part to already set up people for the sequel for GL. Why are they replacing Goldenberg (who wrote the first film) with two other writers? Guess he didn’t add much to the first project.

  10. Crisis? Flash? Oh I see what you did there! 😛

  11. WOOT! Now everyone will know how bitchy Iris is.

  12. My nerd dream is to have a good Flash movie come out and then a good Wonder Woman movie come out.

    Go DC!

  13. Are we talking season one Everwood?

  14. @rapideye–its not so much DC’s history of getting movies cancelled–thats just the film business. Its called "development hell" which is where a HUGE majority of films live. There are screenwriters who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and have never had a film actually made.