War is Coming to Invincible

We just received the below image from Image Comics teasing the upcoming Invincible #71, which appears to be launching the Viltrumite War storyline which if by any indication of recent issues of Invincible will be pretty bloody. I started reading Invincible in trades and then a while back moved to issues and never have regretted that decision, as Invincible continues to be consistently one of the best super hero comics being published today. Invincible #71 is scheduled to ship to comic stores on March 17, 2010.


Then, as I was thinking about Invincible, I remembered this great image of Invincible that I saw by Darwyn Cooke from his not-quite blog.  The below image was done for and should be appearing in the upcoming Invincible Returns #1, which comes out this month and features the return of Invincible to his classic costume design.  One of our favorite artists on one of our favorite titles? Sign us up, especially if Invincible Returns #1 has more great art like this one.  Invincible Returns #1 is scheduled to hit stores on February 24, 2010.



If you're not reading Invincible, now could be a great time to jump on and partake in the super hero fun!


  1. Probably the best superhero comic in the universe!!

  2. Means I gotta get caught up with the hardcovers!!!  Just got vol 3. Yes, its awesome! Yay Kirkman!

  3. I haven’t read any yet.  I want to get an Invicible omnibus or whatever image calls it.

  4. This took a little bit to get started, but once I hit Volume 3, I really started to like it more and saw what Kirkman was doing.  What a great writer!

  5. I always look forward to Invincible, and this looks like the culmination of some threads that have been weaving in and out of the book for years. Counting the days.

    At the same time… does "the return of the classic costume" really merit this kind of treatment? Have people really been vocally clamoring for Mark to change shirts?

  6. I just started Invincible back in December with the first Ultimate Collection. I’ve read up to 3 and Vol. 4 is in the mail. I love the feel of this book and that teaser promises great things that seem to be wrapping up story points I just read! Awesome. 

  7. With a bunch of my books getting the axe, I might have to jump onto issues with this.

    The wait for hardcover volume 5 is driving me crazy.

  8. Invincible is phenomenal.  I’ve been slowly reading through the trades; unfortunately, my library only has book one (Family Matters), so I’ve had to resort to reading them at the store and getting them through inter-Library Loan (which takes forever).  It’d be faster to buy them but way too expensive.  I’m probably not going to catch up until the book ends at this rate, but I really want to read everything instead of just jumping in.

    Hey, wasn’t there just an "Invincible War" not too long ago?

  9. War? What is it good for?

    (Absolute Edition! Say it again!) 

  10. Even though Invincible is always good this seems like the return of "Really Good" Invincible.

  11. This is one of those books that I keep putting off reading because I absolutely hate trade waiting.  In the mean time, I keep hyping it up in my head.  By the time I actually read it I think I’m going to be extremely disappointed…

  12. Very much looking forward to this arc. I understand the "too much gore" complaints from "Conquest",, but shit, I loved it. Always a good read no matter how you get it.

  13. Gah, why must the fifth hardcover be so delayed?!

  14. I’m also super-glad that I moved over to issues a few years ago (around #38). I think this series lends itself to the monthly format better than almost any other superhero book on the stands.

  15. I want to read this so bad but i am stuck waiting for the 5 volume ultimate collection… anyone know when its coming out????

  16. Sorry to ask but what exactly is Invincible Returns #1? Is this a new ongoing, mini, or something completely different?

  17. @epog – It’s a one-shot.  It should take place between issues 70 and 71 I think.  Issue #70 is late so the others may be late as well.  It’s well worth the wait.  Invincible is easily the best super hero on the racks.

  18. Conquest is so bad ass.  "They boy didn’t kill me?!  Stupid!"  Classic.

  19. The Walking Dead and Invincible are absolute benchmark comic books. Essential reads. Can’t wait for this. Hail Kirkman!

  20. I hopped on the issues since the critically insulted #60 and have never stopped since. It’s still one of the issues with my favorite covers.

  21. Whenever I read Invincible I’m left with a refreshing feeling for the superhero genre. Next to Ultimate Spider-Man, this is a title that delivers! I can’t wait for the Invincible War!