WANT! – 11/10/2010

You know what's great? Stuff. 

Unless it's bad stuff. Like finding a manilla envelope in the mail containing compromising photos of yourself in a McDonald's ball pit with prominent senator, both of you dressed as the Hamburglar. 

That's typically unfortunate. 

But this stuff? This is kinda nice, ya know? 

Three words. Technically two words and one acronym: MODOK hood ornament.  $220 (a Diamond Previews exclusive) 


Fro Design Co offers this spectacular Saul Bass style poster inspired by AMC's The Walking Dead. Would've been nice to see some love for Robert Kirkman and Image comics, but otherwise this is perfect homage to one of the best poster artists in cinematic history. 11" by 17", limited to 50 prints. $25. 

Our buddy Vito passed this one along from io9. I know you already shout "Punch it!" while performing all automotive tasks, from shifting between gears to activating your stereo install cost and opening the glove compartment to check for an extra straw because the punk at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru stuffed you on one even though all you got was a blue raspberry slushy thing and an iced coffee (are you supposed to share a straw? How romantic.) But anyways, now you can really make your ride look like the Millenium Falcon, whether it's a Honda Fit or a '69 Falcon. Well, maybe not a Falcon, because it's likely a convertible. But that's cool looking as it is, so why add a gigantic sticker? I have literally no idea how much this costs or even if it's commercially available. I honestly gave up after hopping like twelve links. 



  2. I don’t want that rear windshield sticker. I NEED it. I don’t care how nerdy it is. When it comes to Han Solo/Falcon merch, my second thoughts are automatically silenced.

    Also, that poster is beautiful. I want it.

    It’s a terrible, terrible coincidence that WANT! is posted on my payday.

  3. yeah that is kinda messed up with the "created by Frank Darabont" Nice poster though. 

  4. I don’t know why, but I get aggressive at the site of MODOK.

  5. sight

  6. MODOK hood ornament, that’d be amazing, genius idea.

  7. Man… all I can ever think about when MODOK is flying is that he must’a been holding it in ALL DAY!