WANT! – 10/27/2010

Sometimes greed and want make you feel all filthy. So you look at the websites for hilltop monasteries and start itemizing your possessions to unload on Cragslist. Then you think about all that raking and how weird you'd look bald. And you order a leopard print iPad case, a terrarium, and Due South: The Complete Series. And a dreamcatcher or whatever. 

So, here's some loot:


Jim brought this one to my attention last night, calling it "the t-shirt the world didn't know it needed." Latveria, man. I wanna go! $23


Our buddy the Blot served as pusher man a couple years back while I was in the throws of my Mighty Mugg addiction, highlighting all the new waves of super-deformed toys on his blog. I haven't picked up a new Mugg since two or three Baltimore cons ago, but now that they've unleashed a line of Star Wars Mini Mighty Muggs…it might be time for rehab. Seriously, guys. Bossssssssk! Available exclusively at Target in a special Bounty Hunter 3-pack for $12.99.


Aside from that Dagobah frog habitat from a while back, this, of all the things covered in Want to date, is what I desire the most. A wand with power over television. Just in case I ever have anybody over from the 1200s. I'd scare the shit out of them. $89.99.


  1. That t-shirt is bonkers.  Also, I remember reading about a remote that was shaped like a pistol that you fired at the TV and it turned off.  It was crazy. 🙂

  2. Bossssk! Normally I don’t dig the Muggs, but it would be pretty sweet to own a Bossk. IG88, however, does not translate half as well.

    That Doom shirt is boneriffic. I WANT! one.

  3. I just bout that Doom shirt yesterday, along with this one: http://welovefine.com/shop/FEATURED-PRODUCT/Squirrel-Girl/NUT-UP.html

  4. Eh, looks like Mighty Fine limits their shirt sizes to just XL. Boo.

  5. that doom shirt is pretty awesome 

  6. Hey neums, if it was the doom you were looking at for 2XL, it’s up now.  We just don’t have 2XL in all colors but we will try to find some if someone specifically requests it 🙂

  7. Thanks. I wasn’t looking for Doom specifically, but I saw a few I liked. I’m waiting until after the Wizard con in Austin in a couple weeks before I spend any more money on comic swag.

  8. that is one unicorn that does not need any extra protection from dolph lundgren

  9. Three muggs for 12.99!  Star Wars bounty hunter 3-pack!  The Bossk alone is worth that much to me(I lost my original Bosk action figure a few years ago).  Next time I’m at target, I’ll be looking for these!