WANT! – 10/13/2010

Sometimes we want things. A new pair of tennis shoes. A blender. A different cat. An X-Wing. This doesn't make us ogres. But my uncle has a ring that does that. He got it from a witch I think. 

Some things that you may want. Or not. Who knows. They're neat:


These are boxes you can put things in, and they look and act like Legos. Isn't that crazy? At least they're not coffins. That would be deranged. You know what would be a weird thing to keep in them? Other Legos probably. Or Lincoln Logs. That would be subversive. 




This crazy Jedi Path book is stored in its own electronic tabernacle with lights and sounds. Made to look like an artifact from the Star Wars universe, it features margin notes from Yoda and Ben and oh, just everybody. Me, I just want to play with the robotic Trapper keeper. Around 60 bucks on Amazon. 


Hot date with green stranger tonight? Don't sabotage yourself. Go shirtless. It smells like mosses, apparently. And, of course, sandalwood. $30. 


  1. YAY! you took my suggestion. isn’t the Jedi Manuel aweSOME! Santa can you here me? I’ve been a good boy this year.

  2. That Jedi way book was at nycc. Very interesting.

  3. Set phasers to stunning, indeed.

  4. The Jedi book’s case should totally be motion activated.  It should have a sensor on the front so all you have to do is wave your hand over it and it opens.

  5. Does Shirtless Kirk smell markedly different from shirted Kirk?  Does Shirtlessness affect your scent?  Do you have to be shirtless to wear that cologne? So many questions, so little relevance… 

  6. Shatner has NEVER looked that ripped.

  7. the Jedi Manuel – Goddam that would make for an all new all different Fawlty Towers!

  8. To quote Shatner from the movie Fanboys "I’m William Shatner, I can score anything!!"

    I’m buying it just for the laughs.


  9. wait, Shirtless Kirk Cologne? Pon Farr will never be the same again!

  10. Yeah my Lego suggestion made it!

  11. I saw the manual on Amazon, and I still can’t fully believe that it isn’t a joke, especially having looked at some of the pages in it. Still, pretty awesome

  12. those lego things are pretty sweet 

  13. I may have to get some of those Lego bricks.