WANT! – 09/22/2010

If I'm honest with myself, I just want Pogs back. If chess has its own parks and Scrabble its own tournaments, Pogs should be played on street corners for money. There should be urban legends about slammers. 


You're probably not aware of this because he hides it well, but Josh is a huge Stargate fan. To him, MacGyver is Richard Dean Anderson's other show. So when I opened my inbox to find a message titled "WANT? Real, working Stargate!" I assumed it was the pdf of his latest newsletter. As it turns out, it was a link to an upcoming auction for a prop replica Stargate portal. Estimated value: $80,000 – $100,000. I have little doubt someone will get married under this arch, and that Josh will be watching a live video stream in his ceremonial Jaffa gown.  


We love us some Moleskine notebooks. Keep your penny scratchpads and Wendy's napkins. When your existential thoughts and grocery lists are truly important, you want to pull a Moleskine out of your murse. I've tried other premium notebooks, and they make my ideas sound derivative. But when I jot down something like "water pistol kites?" in my Moleskine, I know I'm on to something. Now we can collect our good griefs in these 60th anniversary Peanuts Moleskines. Around $15 a pop on Amazon. 


Absolutely. $16.


  1. Tom’s trolleys. I’m lost for words

  2. I had the biggest crush on Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate SG1.  Nevermind the 35 year difference, that was some sexy salt and pepper hair.  Also, there is a lazer tag around here where one of the rooms has a big stargate at the entrance.  It’s not prop quality, but it looks pretty cool.  Walking through it with an (albeit plastic) gun on your hip feels pretty good.

    Also, we’ve had our moleskin debate already and my mind is unchanged.

  3. I’m not sure that underwear would be very successful when trying to court a new bedroom interest… first thing they are going to assosiate you with is the fastest man in the world…

  4. I too am a huge Stargate fan and when ("when" not "if") I become a billionaire, that prop replica will be situated behind my throne.

  5. I have never watched a single moment of Stargate.

  6. He doesn’t like to concede that it’s a "movie" or "show." You see. 

  7. I refuse to believe that Barry Allen wears tighty whities.

  8. Two words – skid marks.

  9. @pyynk  Agreed. Boxer briefs would seriously reduce super speed chafing. .

     On a side note, I am disturbed by the intense feeling of deja vu I had when typing the first sentence of this comment.

  10. I may put one of these three things on my Amazon wish list. I won’t tell you which one.

    The Flash undies. 

  11. I don’t like the way those Flash undies are looking at me.

  12. @Dan i can’t top that comment, so all i will say is that i love my moleskins! they are tiny, but when you put a lot of them together they make a great fur coat!

  13. i bought the Flash undeis at target about a month or so ago…. best investment ever

  14. @oragamikid: GOLD!

    Those undies would look good on a woman.  More importantly, $16?  Really?

  15. You can use all three to pick up girls. Yes honey I wrote you a poem in my moleskin notebook, now follow me through the Stargate to my bedroom where you can see my Flash undies!! Now you just have to find the right girl.

  16. Those Flash underpants will make me seem like I’m going quicker to the bathroom.

  17. Flash pants……. Does that mean you have ” the runs”…..?

  18. Why do those underwear look like they have phantom junk in them?

  19. Somehow I don’t think you want to be wearing those Flash tighties when amorous activities are afoot. I’m thinking, but could be wrong, that it would give the wrong impression (or be a good way to lower expectations).

  20. If Tom doesn’t own 10 pairs of those underpants, the universe will cease to make sense.

  21. Am I the only one who thought those briefs were made of "goes fast"?