WANT! – 09/08/2010

I think it was Mott the Hoople who said, "You can't always get what you want." But if you try sometimes, and i'm paraphrasing, you may find, that you can assemble a ragtag heist team and take the things you want in an illegal siege. 


Few objects in the storied tradition of science fiction are so sorely desired as that Vulcan lute that Spock had in those three episodes from ToS and that Tuvok mentioned in Voyager that one time. For a mere $2009 you can have a replica. It does not play music, per se, but we red-blooded humans probably couldn't pluck any justice out of a Vulcan original anyway. 


This Doctor Who talking keychain could potentially change the way you hit on women. Not the results. But the reason you return to your booth at Applebees much as the same as when you left it. Really all you need to know is that it makes the TARDIS materialization noise, the sonic screwdriver noise, and "EXTERMINATE!" 12 bucks. 


Here at the iFanboy brownstone we're big ol' fans of minimalism. That's why we're so supportive of Josh's height. Minimalism is about simplicity and the purity of the message. The three existing Star Wars films are boiled down to their essence in these exceptional prints by artist Andy Helms. Buy one for $15 or all three for $40. 


  1. You’re fired.

  2. The great thing about Josh’s height is that if Conor loses a leg, Josh is a ready replacement!

    I love those Jedi posters, I think they’ll go on a Christmas List for my wife. 

  3. Looks like he’s not offering those prints. Demand was to high. Have to wait and go back.

  4. All I really want, ultimately, is for Josh to be able to go on roller coasters with us. 

  5. @Crucio


    That would be Josh’s height being supportive of Conor. 

  6. I am not supportive of Josh’s height. Grow damn you! (Just being contrarian).

    And since I’m married, I can get the Dr. Who keychain and not have to be worried about getting shot down by lovely ladies. That is what you would call a WIN for me.

  7. I’m eager to see Josh in person at NYCC (assuming I can track the ifanmen down).  He can’t be that short.

  8. @Paul Nice nod to the number of Star Wars films.

  9. @stuclach Remember to look down.

  10. @HBD – I’ll try.

  11. I love those Star Wars shirt and would love the Empire one most of all.

    Did anyone see the Wiimote Sonic Screwdriver? They just announced it for the new Doctor Who game for the Wii.


  12. ^^ wait are those shirts, or like art prints?

  13. prints. it says it, right after the rude bits.

  14. Those Star Wars prints are basically pure awesome. 

  15. I try to convey as much as possible with the pictures, but sometime you just gotta read the words. 

    I know. I know.  

  16. nothing calms me during Ponn Farr like playing my lute!

  17. Damn those are gorgeous.

  18. didn’t they all say their heights on a PoTW Podcast episode a long time ago?  if I remember correctly, I’m shorter than all three, so I’ve got nothing to say.

  19. $2009 for the Vulcan lute? Who came up with this price? I mean, I might expect something like $1999.99, or $2010, but $2009 is an  interestingly "precise" number.  Is there some sort of Trekkie research I don’t know of? Actually, you’d think the ideal Trekkie price would be $1701.

  20. As for all this Josh size talk, don’t forget the iFanboys are actual size whether they seem much bigger or smaller to you.

    (They Might Be Giants – She’s Actual Size)