WANT! – 08/04/2010

We all live in a material world and we are, appropriately enough, material girls. Here are some things we really just WANT!

There are many rifts in time and space, many popped stitches to be mended. Best to have a companion at your side while you sort it all out. You could enlist a nice British girl, but that's a bit advanced for first-timers. So how's about a nice automaton? This remote control K-9 ought to do the trick. A Time Lord's best friend with seven delightful sounds and a glowing red eye. My favorite bit is the automated ear movement. That'll stop those Cybermen in their tracks. $65

Moonraker fans will want to grab this reproduction of Richard Kiel's dastardly dentures. Cast from the same mold used for the original Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker prop, these dental-grade steel choppers ought to look dandy on anyone's nightstand. You may even consider plopping these in your grandmother's Polident cup over night for a lighthearted prank. "Oh, grandmother, what a fiendish grin you have!" "The better to crush you, Mr. Bond."

Do you like history? Do you like bromance? Do you like silliness? Than you may need to get your hands on a Hark! A Vagrant print. Archival quality Giclee prints of Kate Beaton's delightfully nonsensical webcomic are now available through TopatoCo. Paul's already ordered the Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne one. There's tons to choose from, featuring the Bronte sisters, mystery solving teens, and the many iterations of Holmes and Watson. $16 plus shipping. 


  1. K-9!!!!!  I soooo want that!!!

  2. ooooooo…if they have the recent aquaman strip for a print i’m defintely getting that…this is my sand you can’t touch it

  3. you can… you can get ANY of the Kate Beaton comics!?! *faints*

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Most of them. If it’s available, there’s a link under the individual strip. 

  5. @Paul  I heart you so much for the news about the Beaton strips

  6. I must have those teeth on my desk.

  7. K-9!!!!

  8. Can you use the Jaws jaws in your mouth?

    Not that I would. I’m just, eh, curious. 😉