WANT! – 07/14/2010

Sometimes you really just want something. Other times you just kinda of want something. What's important is that you want something at all. I believe it was either Herodotus or Amelia Earhart who said, "It's better to have wanted something and gotten it than to have not wanted it and got it/not gotten it or to to have loved in general." Which just goes to show that you don't need two names or good navigational skills to come up with a neat quote.

Here are some things that caught our eye this week:


Some might call this Darth Vader toaster a novelty. We call it "that fun toaster we had until somebody decided to see what other household objects could be branded with the surly visage of the iconic sith lord." Really, Mike? a moleskine? A Fruit Rollup? $55, plus kitchen renovations stemming from a Romo-related electrical fire.


Jeff Lemire tweeted out this image of a custom action figure based on Jepperd from his Sweet Tooth ongoing series. Loosecollector delivered a terrific sculpt of a pretty badass antihero. According to Lemire, only one exists, which only leaves us wanting it more.



We have this new thing at the iFanboy Brownstone. It's called A-Team Days. It's basically where Conor unplugs all of the video games and knocks over whatever puzzles we're doing in front of the big TV. And we all watch A-Team episodes and eat jalapeno poppers together. It's compulsory, but we all laugh at the right parts because we're not sure what would happen if we didn't. This is a shirt that we'll all have to wear on these days. He sent out an email letting us know. The shirt is called Mr. Tee, and it's our new uniform. We're grateful to have it. $20.


  1. The figure is pretty SWEET but that shirt is TOASTED.

  2. Man the A-Team really took over this website!

    I want that toaster in the worst way. 

  3. I want that Mr. Tee shirt, but I really want to see it in person first. The way they screenprint their shirts is different so I’m nervous about how a photo will turn out.

  4. Nothing up there I’d want this week. Maybe next time though.

  5. @Mangaman: Thanks for sharing.

  6. I didn’t think toast could look more delicious

  7. I’d probably have to turn down the burn on that toaster a tad, but that would be fucking sweet to own.