WANT! – 06/01/2010

This week we package all of our parkas and mittens and thermal underwears into a series of unmarked rubbermaid boxes and carry them down to the iFanboy Brownstone's basement so that we can forget about them and buy new winter clothes in October. And as much as I we like to parade around all naked-like, the cross-hatching patterns etched across our pale, pale hides from laying in hammocks all night has made our collective nudity uncharacteristically unsightly. That means we need new summer duds, so this week in WANT, we scour our RSS feeds for the geekiest of T-shirts available.

Oh, eugenics. From Hijinks Ensue, the company that brought you Groverfield and rainbow-deficating unicorns, there's this fully interactive SciFi TV-Movie Title T. Create your own Syfy originals by juxtaposing tantalizing prefixes like "robo" or "grizzly" with suffixes like "shark" or "bear." Create compound words or hyphenates and then doodle them in the margins of your history notes. $18 (Also available as a print; $14)

For hipsters like Jim, there's this terrific fashion forward representation of Ace the Bathound, replete with 3D lenses in the Schumacher-inspired cowl and the kind of gaudy neck candy you can never snatch from the claw machine at the Nifty Fifties. Wonky photo-shop, a stately pug sketch and a dirty creme finish make this the perfect thing to wear to a club show you're hoping you'll dislike. There's honestly no reason this isn't a V-neck. It looks like your anarchist ink huffing cousin made this in his basement, but it's actually from Colette of Paris. Reported by WWD Fashion.

We prefer the Elton Johntastic Plastic Man shades:

The most succinct comment on Apple's ongoing fued with Adobe, this Woot shirt's clean and simple aesthetic ought to keep it fresh well past it's cultural relevance. Are people still gonna get the joke a year or two from now when the companies have coem to terms or HTML5 has taken hold of the online video scene? Maybe not, but you might not be an L by then. You might be an XXL. Or we might all be dressing like Bones or Sulu in the first act of The Search for Spock. Seize the day is what I'm saying. No day but today (while it's still $10 bucks).


  1. I spent a solid 5 minutes this morning admiring the simple genius of that woot shirt.

    Why isn’t that Ace shirt available as in the "wife beater" style?  Kevin Federline needs something to wear to the Grammys. 

  2. These are all great, but I can’t believe Hijinks ensue missed the "zilla" opportunity.  I’m sure PsyFie won’t.

  3. The “flash on ipad” joke was funny…when Foxtrot did it 3 MONTHS ago. I have made my dislike for the device evident, but dear god people, find something new to make fun of or at least be creative! I would say google and facebook privacy issues, but the onion and xkcd already did that.

  4. The SeeFee Title Generator gets my vote. Hilarious.

  5. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    If anyone loves me then they will buy me those Plastic Man Shades.

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    As you touched upon with your Shirt.Woot discussion, I fear that today’s awesome t-shirts will be tomorrow’s forgotten in-joke. Still, these shirts are all pretty cool, but if given the choice between a t-shirt version of these and a wall hanging print version, I’d go with the print version. I dig it that the first image is offered in both varieties. Awesome!

  7. I didn’t know that’s how SyFy come up with those horrible Syfy original movies.

    That Apple kills flash picture looks so cool.