WANT! – 04/06/2010

Here at iFanboy we love to window shop. One time we did it for too long outside a local pawn shop and the clerk at the register thought we staring at her. She grabbed a broom of all things and shooed us down the block, shrieking, "Stop leering, you mashers!"

We were actually looking at a big tube of Pogs. 



This snazzy gunmetal Crime Fighters tee from Brandon Bird on Topatoco suggests an idealized version of the American justice system. One of the worst things you can do in comedy is to explain a joke, so that's exactly what we're going to do, because we're mavericks. This is a mashup of Law & Order: Original Recipe and The Dark Knight, which is a little like Gotham Central, just with 100% more Orbach. You'd watch the bejesus out of it and you damn well know it. 20 clams. 


You too can disassemble Tony Stark with this handsome, unnerving tabletop game from Hasbro, the creators of…other Operation games. Operation: Iron Man 2 Edition was designed for players six and up, but it's clearly meant to be played while totally sloshed. If you can remember the girls you played it with the next day, you clearly did it wrong. Our favorite detail from the box art is Tony's insistance on operating on himself. Gwyneth Paltrow poised over his heart, quivering with strange sexual tension and the heebiest of jeebies: not included. 20 smackeroos. 



Here's a great scoop from our friends at Graphic.ly's The Couch blog. We have more than a few of Hasbro's Mighty Muggs littered throughout the brownstone, but no customs just yet. If we were to bid on any, this fan-made Black Lantern Batman Mugg would be the perfect place to start. Created by the Mighty Mugg Forum's MaloMike & MaloApril (who may both contain a marshmallowy center), this is easily one of the creepiest tchotchkes you could use to wake up Josh at 3:44 AM. This little guy's the (literal) spitting image of Ivan Reis' incredible zombie design. Even though he's plastic, you just know he's gonna attract some flies, as well as the jealousy of all your cohorts. 


  1. You are such a maverick that you’re a maverick maverick.

    I WANT today’s Woot Shirt http://shirt.woot.com/. Math can be fun.

  2. Custom Mighty Migs are awesome. That Batman is amazing – I’d love to have a whole Black Lantern Corps lines up on my desk.

  3. That Batman is just awesome!

  4. That Batman mug is nice. Very nice. He would look great next to the Capt. America I bought this past weekend.

  5. I have a print of Law & Order + Batman over my desk at home.  It makes me smile every time I sit down.

  6. The BL Batman is terrifying me. Get it away!

  7. That L&O/Batman shirt is great.

  8. That’s a disturbing mighty mugg to get but I want it.

  9. look at the cape on BL batman look at it! so cool

  10. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    The fact that the Operation: Iron Man 2 game has ‘1+’ players needed to play the game is very telling. "Hey, guys! Wanna play Operation, Iron Man style!? It’ll be great! … What? No? Fine, I’ll just play over here by myself on this table."

    My wife has warned me that this scenario will play out if we ever do get Marvel Scene It. I could easily see it extending to this game too. Still… I do have the desire to own both of them. Nice call, Paul!

  11. I peed a little when I saw the Batman Mighty Mugg.

  12. That mighty mugg is bad ass!

  13. PFFT! He is not really Batman you know! Worst. Mugg. Everrr!


    Do Want