Wanna Listen to Ed Brubaker’s Favorite Music?

If you're into music, and have spent any time in Los Angeles, you're probably familiar with KCRW, the ultra-cool public radio station known for it's hip music selection.  If your'e into comics, you're probably familiar with Ed Brubaker.  If you're into both of them, well, I've got good news for you.

As a guest DJ on KCRW, Ed set up a playlist, and went to town. You can stream, download, and read the set list and transcript right here.

He talks about what he listens to as he writes and why. "I listen to music most of the time when I write and lately it's been stuff without lyrics just because you get to a point somehow where, unless you heard the song a million times, you pay too much attention to it. So, lately, it's been a lot of jazz. But when I was struggling with “Criminal,” when I first began it, trying to find the right tone for it, I actually found that tone in old Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. That sort of seedy, depressing kind of music. I thought, if I could get that type of tone across, then I would be golden. So, yeah, that is something I think about sometimes — what music do I want people to listen to when they read this type of comic."


  1. Nice. Love me some KCRW. Great station, and some of the guest DJ stuff has been a lot of fun.

  2. Ed Brubaker is sending me messages.

  3. Right on. I’ve been reading Brubaker’s Captain America, so I’ve been listening to more spy-fi and crime jazz (since it’s very Tales of Suspense-ish), which has helped me in my own writing. I guess when I read Criminal I’ll listen to Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits (which I really dig, so that should be fun).

  4. This should be some kind of regular feature for comics creators.

  5. Nice – KCRW is one of my clients in the ad serving world and they’ve always got a hip jazzy selection.  Nice to see the attention comic people are getting on these shows.

  6. I’ve been reading a lot of Brubaker lately, and I’ve put together a small playlist suitable as background to his wild world of spies, suspense and intrigue. I’ve only started, but so far I’ve got about a hundred (out of about a thousand) tracks posted. If you like spy-fi, space lounge, crime jazz, maximum R&B, mod ravers and deep funk grooves, check out the playlist at this url: